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7x21 - "The Last Word"

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    [1]Aug 13, 2012
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    Wow such a strong send off for Brenda leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) what an intense episode. Such that they had to reprimand her for getting her man. I bet that if they looked at her record she would have had a excellent success record on getting convictions/arresting her guy. The fighting scenes were great. The farewell was great just a shame that neither Pope, Taylor or Raydor where there to send her off.

    I will surely miss you Brenda Leigh Johnson. Kyra Sedwick good luck in your future endeavors and hope so see more of you on screen.

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    [2]Aug 14, 2012
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    I'm wondering is her new job a promotion, lateral movement, or basically a demotion. I did look up via Google and the job really does exist and she'd be in charge of the 4th largest police force in LA. But, she's (most likely) leaving the largest police force in LA, but then again she's not the chief of it.

    I hope we'll see her on Major Crimes from time to time given, as she said - I'm just down the block and I'm sure we'll see each other. I could see where her job and the new Major Crime with its working closer with the DA could allow her to cross paths on some case. ALSO, as the woman who offered her the job said, while its mostly an administrative job, you will have opportunities to get out into the field.

    1) So what do you think .. promotion, lateral, or demotion ...

    2) Should we see her from time to time on Major Crimes ...

    3) Will we see her on Major, ever? Will we see her on Major crimes, from time to time?

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    [3]Aug 14, 2012
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    On the episode: Very good for a series finale. It wrapped up the major loose ends and explained the major points without wrecking the characters. When she was first interviewing Stroh I was a little worried that she was being sloppy and acting out of character... then she attacked him and I realized she was taking him downkamikazestyle. Also I was very pleased that she didn't take that final shot at the end... it would have been only a slight difference from what she did to Baylor but it would have destroyed the character.

    One more thing. Anyone else notice that one of her last lines, the comment about the bag was the same as her first line in the series? "Looks like love." I wonder if that was intentional.

    bmoshier wrote:

    1) So what do you think .. promotion, lateral, or demotion ...

    2) Should we see her from time to time on Major Crimes ...

    I'd say it's a lateral move or a minor promotion. She no longer has to report to either Taylor or Pope and I'd guess that she's report directly to the DA only. She also keeps her right hand man which as we saw in the last 2 episodes was key for her. The only thing I'm surprised with is after 7 years of annoying the DA's office they're eager to put her in what sounds like a high position of power. As for 2 and 3, they're basically the same question. I'd say they at least left the door open for her to possibly guest staroccasionally.

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    I read an interview in which James Duff mentions he knew for years that the final words would be the first words of the pilot aswell. Just like the shooting throught the bag thing - he knew that some years ago already.

    As for the finale...LOVED it. The only bad thing..if I need to name one, would be the lack of goodbye scenes between Brenda/Pope and Brenda/Raydor. Her goodbye to the team was very emotional but I would have loved to see a converstation between her and Gabriel in which she says she wants him to come along. I am happy that I was correct thought in another forum part in which I predicted Gabriel to come along.

    But the finale was great. Loved the Stroh exit, and Brenda's : ' You know what - I don't want to hear it ' comment when he tried to confess. She is really choosing for the living instead of the bad guys. Loved that. Her scene with Fritz and the cat...AWWW, sweet,

    Last scene with the candies in the bag and her smiling was perfect. Her attacking Stroh in the elevator...oh, wonderfull!

    Did anyone else thought it was a tiny bit unrealistic that she got a job offer from the DA...since she always caused so many problems for them? But I guess they choose it that way so she could always guest star on Major Crimes ( which I liked aswell, the premiere, thought I missed her. Loved the mentions of her thought ).
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    [5]Aug 15, 2012
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    Loved the ending. The "Looks live love" line was also said by Gabriel at the end of the pilot.

    Concerning Major Crimes, I hope she guest stars on it. Although I was kind of disappointed of the pilot. If the direction of this show is to get plea deals, when The Closer was to get confessions, I don't know if I'll keep watching. But as long as Flynn and Provenza keep doing their thing, I'll still watch it.

    Also, I don't think it's not plausible that the D.A. office would giver her a job. Even when she was giving them a hard time, she always got convictions for them and got to the truth. That's all they cared about in the end, winning their cases. DDA Hobbs I think actually liked her.

    Anyway, the end was great. I would've just wanted that the team would have pleaded more with her not to leave. And if each had reminisced about how their relationship evolved. A trip down memory lane would've been nice.

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    I loved the finale. I just wanted more of it. I would have liked to known what happened with Stroh. DiId they get him on the murders? Did he admit to everything?

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