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Will they leave Brenda's only unclosed investigation OPEN or will they close it?

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    [1]Jul 29, 2011
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    What I'm asking is about the case Brenda was trying to make against Phillip Stroh (Power of Attorney) where he gets away with murder and rape. I've been watching the episodes on the TNT afternoon reruns and don't remember she ever closed it. When I looked on Wikipedia, it seems to be still an open investigation for her.

    Given this is the last season, unless they plan on closing it in a movie, I'm wondering if this will be the one they allow to get away from Brenda.

    What do you think?

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    I hope they close everything that is outstanding in the show, there is no guarantee that a movie is coming.
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    yes,good catch...she is the closer. everything,all her flaws and charcter in general is about the need for closeing all her cases. she is hailed and gets into trouble because of it. it drives her and the show(writing)..i hope it is revisited. ofcourse it has already been done if they wrote a ep. someone knows....
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    my theory is, this case with Phillip Stroh may be the one that causes the fiasco with goldman lawsuits.

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    that's a good guess about Goldman & Stroh.

    all the episodes are filmed already but i still
    have a wish list.

    I'd like for Brenda to find out she's pregnant,
    even though I completely support her deci-
    sion not to have children. still, watching her
    with charlie & most of all, with Kitty, i think
    she'd enjoy motherhood more than the show
    has indicated.

    I'd also like to see Stroh found guilty by her.
    my dream scenario includes bill Croelick.
    no one ever proved Croelick was actually
    an arsonist. dropping a firecracker down
    the gullet of a cat is not proof of anything.
    anyone here ever dissect a frog? my god,
    how barbaric is that? first you "pin" the frog
    through his brain, paralyzing him, then you
    cut him open & pin down the flaps of the
    skin so you can observe the organs, includ-
    ing the poor creature's heart beating.

    since you're not trained to sew him back
    which would be pointless anyway, you
    drop him into a jar of formaldehyde when
    you're finished, where he essentially drowns
    while swallowing poison, since he's still
    alive at that point.

    they still dissect frogs but children are
    allowed to opt out of it as long as they
    they study clear plastic overlays depict
    ing the dissection. let's not even discuss
    scientific use of animals for testing.

    anyway, even though it's horrible, it's not
    uncommon for a sadistic child to do such
    a thing. & in 'fatal retraction,' Croelick
    complains that the psychiatrist--who turns
    out to be the murderer who frames him--
    made up his psychopathology out of thin
    air, which is true. Croelick only went to
    juvie once, for beating a child with a
    curling iron. how does that relate to arson?
    it doesn't.

    as to 'branding his name' into a girl's
    forearm during sexual intercourse, how
    could that possibly happen? think about
    it. he's supposed to have written B-I-L-L
    with something hot in the time it would
    take to have sex? this is a crock on so
    many levels. & who said this? was it
    that lying murderer Dr. Easton? what else
    did he make up about Croelick?

    so my theory about Croelick is that he's
    not an arsonist, but just a kid who grew
    up in a seriously dysfunctional family &
    craves attention, good or bad. he pretends
    to be an arsonist for the attention it gets
    him. he cares very little for his own life.

    so let's say Stroh is somehow raping
    or about to rape or kill Brenda. Croelick,
    who claimed to be moving to a different
    jurisdiction but who we know watches
    Brenda & knows all the details of her
    life & the crimes of others, bursts in &
    stops the attack. What if he even kid
    napped Stroh & poured gin & vodka
    over him & sat there, flicking his Bic,
    until Stroh confesses to every rape &
    murder. remember, in 'Elysian fields,'
    joey o. did this to Greeson , got the con-
    fession, killed Greeson & went to jail.
    why couldn't this also happen to bill?

    I just don't see Croelick as an arsonist.
    there's not a whit of proof indicating
    that he is. I think Brenda is one of the
    few people he actually likes & respects,
    perhaps even loves unaffectedly, so
    he's protective of her.

    Amway. that would be my dream ending
    for the show--Brenda with child,Stroh
    dead, & Croelick redeemed.

    of course, fritz would also be revealed
    as the leak in that episode or the one
    prior to it. That would be a perfect end-

    the writing in the seventh season is
    pretty bad, gratuitously setting up each
    character in his own episode, star-
    ring as the incident commander in
    each of those. Nobody can carry the:
    load. i love all these guys, but the spin-
    off, 'major crimes," can't hold water,
    it's a one-season failure. I wish the
    producers would let it die its inevitable
    death with happy endings for every-

    this has been a great series, one of
    the best ever on television. they wrote
    the character of Brenda as a man ini-
    tially, & kept that conceit as the show
    grew larger. that's what makes her so
    great. she doesn't have any of those
    girly breakdowns you see so often
    in other shows. she cries, but then
    moves quickly on in order to finish her
    business. she has no sympathy for
    murderers & only momentary relief
    for victims. if she had to carry the
    weight of every victim with her, she'd
    go nuts. she's pragmatic. she's ama-
    zing. i will miss the show so much.

    Anyhoo, that's how I wish it would end,
    but if it does, it's because the produ-
    cers came up with it at the same time.


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