The Closer

Season 3 Episode 7

Four to Eight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on TNT
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Rated: TV-14-LV
Gang tensions run high when two Latino gang members are murdered. Making the PHD's case more difficult is one victim's cousin who takes on the role of vigilante when he suspects the murderer is from an African-American gang. Can the PHD solve the crime before an all-out gang war results?
Adding to Brenda's stress are her continuing health problems.


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  • Loved this episode, one of the best, different side of Brenda revealed

    I enjoyed the tension that built in this episode and the fact that a different, more vulnerable Brenda was shown. While there have been many gang related themes on television, this episode show a more humanistic view of a gang member and the stuggles of a young person's stuggles of family versus gang membership. As a parent I felt for the father as he did what ever he felt he had to do to protect his child. Having Brenda deal with medical issues in a way where she was suddenly not in control was a refreshing spin over other episodes I have watched. This episode was a nice blend of drama with just enough humor to make for an enjoyable hour of television.moreless
  • Awesome show. rivoting.

    I am new to watching The Closer and the episodes keep getting better. I thought the episode Four to Eight(July 30) was one of the best I have seen. The writing and directing puts a new diminsion on a show. Brenda Johnson is a great character and refreshing to watch.

    Keep up the great show.
  • The passion that Sanchez demonstrated with the vics dad was moving. As a voice from the Latin community he was the ideal detective to be emotionally involved in the case. Fritz sarcasm and compassion with Brenda Lee is great relationship credibility.moreless

    I enjoyed the entire episode from the very beginning. The opening scene - Brenda at the Doctor, overlapping with the crime scene investigation had a seemless flow. As a viewer I was captivated by both parts of the story. I felt the episode did a great job of pointing out how devastating gangs are, not just to the immediate participants. Focusing on the struggle of the entire family was great!! It was very balanced with the theme of Brenda being ill and its effect on her "family" which is basically the squad and Fritz. I appreciate this balance as it makes going between two topics less noticeable and more free flowing.moreless
  • Can Brenda Please get a new ringtone!

    This was an interesting episode. The beginning was a little confusing with Brenda in the doctor's office staring at the painting. It threw me off a little bit. I hated that Brenda's phone went off and she just took off though.

    I liked when Brenda was in the room with the 1-5s and the Catorces. It was so funny how the first thing that was said to her was "You wanna be my b*tch." I found much humor in that and I loved her exit too. It was great to see her saying that the Catorces were the ones that had really done the shooting and they were just giving the 1-5s credit! I loved that entire meeting.

    Pope and Brenda arguing about starting a gang war was a nice touch too. It was obvious that Brenda was feeling like crap too.

    I loved when Flynn, Provenza, Buzz, and Tao were watching Brenda in the interview. It was funny seeing Brenda going at the Thermostat trying to make it cooler in there when it was really the camera. I loved how Flynn, Provenza and Buzz looked at Tao when they wanted someone to ask the Chief what was wrong. It was so funny to see the look on Tao's face.

    I loved seeing Brenda and Fritz together. I enjoyed seeing Brenda blaming everything on stress and showing Fritz that the computer agreed with her. It was brilliant see Fritz all sick on the couch with the flu and it was adorable to see that Brenda didn't add the water to the soup. The pair was so cute especially at the end where Fritz was implying the real cause of her sickness.

    I can't believe that Carlos was the killer that was like a huge twist I wasn't expecting that at all. This was a really good episode but I wanna know can Brenda please get a NEW ringtone!!!moreless
  • gang on gang...

    More gang violence. Or is it? Gang members are dead on their own turf and the rival gang is not taking credit for it. And it was done on the front porch of one of the gang member's houses and they never had a chance to draw their weapons. That sounds more like inside job. So you could tell that this was a really hard case for Sanchez. He so badly wanted to stop that kid from getting jumped into the gang, but Brenda felt that was the only way to find the murder. Him sending her the photo was a bit over the top. Brenda finally goes to the doctor, but does not want to admit to Fritz what is probably going on. The dreaded M word.moreless
J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Assistant Police Chief Will Pope

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick

Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson

Corey Reynolds

Corey Reynolds

Sgt. David Gabriel

Robert Gossett

Robert Gossett

Commander Russell Taylor

Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Detective Lt. Andy Flynn

G.W. Bailey

G.W. Bailey

Detective Lt. Louis Provenza

Michelle Bonilla

Michelle Bonilla

Rosalie Romero

Guest Star

Francis Capra

Francis Capra

Miguel Torres

Guest Star

Guillermo Díaz

Guillermo Díaz


Guest Star

Phillip P. Keene

Phillip P. Keene

Buzz Watson

Recurring Role

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    • Brenda: I am one step closer to proving that this is not a rival gang shooting.
      Chief Pope: Yeah, and L.A. is one step closer to civil war.

    • Fritz: (questioning Brenda about her doctors appointment) Did you ask her anything?
      Brenda: No, I figured if she noticed anything she'd just...
      Fritz: (interrupting) Brenda Leigh Johnson had NO questions?

    • Brenda: Who's the b**ch now?

    • Fritz: Your skin is tingling, you're having night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes...I think we both already know what this is, don't we?
      Brenda: Oh. (Puts her hand over Fritz's mouth) Probably, but I don't wanna talk about it right now.
      Fritz: Why?
      Brenda: If there's one thing my job has taught me...everything changes when you say it out loud.

    • Brenda: (Banging on the thermostat) Does this thing even work?
      Tao: She really doesn't know the thermostat's only a camera?
      Buzz: Look, she's sweating.
      Provenza: Buzz, why don't you call maintenance and see if they can get the air up in there, huh? There's something wrong with her I'm telling you. Something.
      Flynn: So, who here is going to ask her about it? (They all look at Tao)

    • Pope: Probation officers brought in a couple of leaders from both the Catorces and the 1-5's but so far they're just sitting across from each other not saying a word. I don't know if your going in there is going to help things or hurt.
      Brenda: Well, I just have a theory I'd like to clear up; just a few simple questions.
      Pope: Which they probably won't answer. Not to make too big a deal about this, but these gang members generally don't respond really well to women.
      Brenda: Well, they don't respond really well to white men or police officers, either. And anyway, if they're not talking, how much worse can I make it?

    • Brenda: I knew it!
      Fritz: What?
      Brenda: I typed in all the symptoms that I've been experiencing on this medical expert site and it's exactly what I thought; stress! Which explains why I was such a mess yesterday and I'm feeling so fine today.
      Fritz: Ok. Let me try this since I'm actually sick.
      Brenda: I made you some soup. Aren't you hungry?
      Fritz: No, you forgot to add water when you stuck it in the microwave. It's actually more like steaming chicken paste.

    • Sanchez: Chief.
      Brenda: Yes.
      Sanchez: Are you feeling alright?
      Brenda: Yes, I just need to go home and lie down for a few minutes.
      Sanchez: Chief?
      Brenda: Yes.
      Sanchez: Um, get better. Please?
      Brenda: You have a good night, too, detective.

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