The Closer

Season 2 Episode 7

Head Over Heels

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on TNT

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  • Brenda investigates the murder of a male porn star who is said to have HIV by the coroner but not the same by the lab who tests him. Brenda fears she could be pregnant but discusses her problem with Pope rather than with Fritz.

    Superb! From the beginning to the end. Brenda totally possessed me near the end, when she counts the amount of women that were affected by the victim's transmitted HIV and that the last woman she named was his wife, who hoped not to have contracted it. Brenda thinking she was pregnant added some spice to her life and she could have made a great mother and Fritz a great father, but unfortunately both work too much! I still wished the story about Gabriel and Daniels would go on with more details but other than that the episode deserves a big fat 10!
  • An HIV positive porn star, with a head and some feet in a dumpster can only lead to an interesting episode

    This is one of the few episodes from season 2 that I have taken the time to watch and I must say it was a good choice.

    Gabriel was brilliant throughout I loved him trying to kiss up to Brenda with French toast in the beginning. You could have missed the beginning and still noticed that there was something going on between Gabriel and Daniels! Gabriel agreeing with her was priceless to mostly because of the look on Brenda's face when she noticed.

    The porn star parts in the dumpster was freaking fabulous! I loved Johnson telling Tao to 'head' back. The looks she received for that were priceless.

    Sanchez knowing where he had seen Mundy from was brilliant as well. The look on his face when he was asked if he remembered any of the films he had been in was just perfect, I loved it!

    Brenda being worried that she might be pregnant and all mostly seemed like an irritating side story. It was however amusing to see her all touchy about sex. I loved when she told Pope she might be pregnant because that was just humorous. As always I felt a little bad for Fritz especially when Brenda broke out the crime scene photos while he was eating.

    I loved that the victim had been chopped up with a chain saw and thrown into dumpsters around town it was quite interesting. It was a very good storyline in my opinion.
  • it's all about the porn...

    So the other “acting” in Los Angeles got some screen time in this episode. Following an episode on mainstream actors now we have anther big LA industry – porn. I don’t even want to know how Sanchez recognized him (wasn’t he supposed to be watching the ladies?!?). I loved when they were all in the interrogation room watching his work and talking about porn – Provenza not liking it because the woman has a broken fridge that never gets fixed. There is a slight strain in Brenda’s life – she thinks she is pregnant and tells Pope (after making it very clear she just wants a professional friendship with him) and doesn’t tell Frtiz (but he finds the pregnancy test). She is still unsure about ever wanting kids, but skirts the issue. We do find out that she never opened the birthday gift from Pope – I am still dying to know what it was.
  • Well written and well acted!

    The show is getting better and better and thank goodness
    That is has been picked up for a fourth season
    Pornography is the topic of discussion as the team investigates a porn star's murder.
    Meanwhile Brenda's professional life is now hindering her personal life with Fritz and what she wants out of that life! Very good writing and acting!
  • Provenza: "You know why I hate porn? Guy delivers pizza, it never gets eaten. Girl's refrigerator breaks down, it never gets fixed." Buzz: "Yeah, that's real unsatisfying."

    The whole HIV fiasco with Chris Mundy really had me confused. He has HIV, he doesn't have HIV; he's positive, he's negative. I was starting to come to the conclusion that they had the wrong body. I don't know why I didn't think about the clinic lying about Chris's results, being paid by the porn company owner.

    This brings me to Morgan bloom. I found her the most despicable out of all the people we've seen this season. All she cared about was her company and money. She hired the Brazilian ladies because their cheap; she paid the clinic to lie about Chris's HIV status because he earned such good money for her company. By lying about Chris's status, she basically signed of the lives of both Chris and thirteen other women. More women could have even become infected if Chris hadn't found out when he did. Morgan even sold out her own son in an effort to keep eyes off her and her company. She really was a low life and I felt no sympathy when she was faced with a life sentence.

    I found it very interesting that Brenda went to Pope with her pregnancy scare. I thought it was a little unfair of Brenda, knowing how much Pope likes her and how's he's trying to distant himself away from her since her brush off a few weeks back. I could see chemistry between the two for the first time today though. Both actors did a great job with that scene, and when looked at closer you can see many little subtleties that were present.

    On a lighter note, I loved the conversation about porn names Brenda and Gabriel had in the morgue with Terrence (who I find a lot more interesting and funny then coroner Uncle Phil; Terrence deserves more screen time). I had never heard about combining your first pet with the first street you lived on to derive your theoretical porn name. Gabriele revealed his was Light Saver Central, while Brenda started saying "Lucky...” but then stopped suddenly (I wonder why she stopped? I'm guessing her street sounded bad coming off of Lucky.) Mine by the way would be Bailey Simpson. Pretty exciting, huh?

    This was a really fun episode that successfully mixed a dark crime with fun light hearted humor. Bravo

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Terrence (holding out a male hand): "I checked the inventory and this was all we had on hand." Was that pun intentional?

    - I found it bizarre that a mother and son would run a porn business together.

    - The opening scene was fun. With a crime coming to Brenda and Gabriel on a peaceful breakfast outing, Brenda falling in the trash, and Gabriel missing a bite from his French toast :)

    - I laughed when Sanchez recognized the victim from a porn video, and then again when the whole crew sat down to watch it.

    - Daniel's and Gabriel are now officially dating. There was a nice subtle awkwardness between the two of them and Brenda in the office today, now that Brenda knows.

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Porn, Pregnancy and Pope...oh my.

    This was possibly one of my favorite episodes this season, besides "To Protect & to Serve". I am enjoying the Fritz/Brenda/Pope triangle thing they have going. Brenda does love Fritz but can't seem to let go of Pope. Pope knows her better and loves her inspite of her quirks. Fritz is only beginning to understand the debth of her...uh...ok quirks. I'm still curius what is in the presnet Pope gave her. The preganancy scare thing was good to. We as an audience were told straight up that Pope wasn't that father as the premiers hinted he might be. We were also told that Pope didn't want to be her "best girlfriend" either.

    The crime story was interesting too. A male porn star's head was found in a dumpster. It was discovered that he was HIV+. It was later discovered that he didn't know his HIV status but his female boss did and let him "act" anyway and in so doing infect alot of women. Including his wife.
    There was a good deal more to it, including who killed said porn star but what I loved about the story was that it proved that a woman could be just has greedy and uncaring as any many. It makes me all warm in side.

    All in all a great episode.

    Oh on a side note: Lt. Provenza doesn't like porn.
  • Brenda explores some deep, deep realities about what she wants out of her life.

    There are so many important things going on in Brenda's conversation with Pope.

    Estelle's gone. He's lonely. And Brenda is ... unavailable. But there's been this subtle and not terribly subtle chemistry between her and Pope all the way through the series. And then something as significant as a potential pregnancy comes up and Brenda -- who, sharp as she is in the interrogation rooms seems to be a complete innocent when it comes to dealing with people in her personal life -- tells [i]him[/i] before she tells Fritz.

    And this may be completely lost on Brenda -- she hadn't taken the test, she hadn't gotten around to it, whatever, but she left her purse where Fritz could see into it and there was a pregnancy test right sitting on the top.

    Yet she talks to [i]Pope[/i] first.

    Now, who knows what's going on in that head of hers most of the time? She was truly worried about possibly being pregnant, so she was definitely kicking hersel. Lines like: "The body's gonna do what it does without always waiting for the brain to catch up" or however that went. I'm sure Fritz was absolutely on her speed-dial if that second line had turned up on the test, but she didn't want to talk about it with [i]him[/i] until she knew for sure.

    Because it does raise all sorts of thorny issues about "Well, what do [i]you[/i] think about kids?" and "I'm over 40. I'm in excellent health, but I [i]am[/i] over 40." And her reaction to potential morning sickness and dirty diapers was more pronounced than her reaction to body parts, which she was perfectly ok to go back in and finish her breakfast after.

    And Fritz's face is tightening a little. He's not looking at her with unconditional love anymore. It's a little more ... [i]evaluative[/i] lately.

    The case was a good one, and it allowed for some clever lines and also some nice misdirection. Lots of people had motive for the murder, and Chris Mundy's motive for confronting the director -- a blood test that denied him his life insurance -- was [i]excellent[/i].

    And solving the murder was just part of it. I really loved the way the guy's mom played the part, and how Brenda laid the HIV-positive cases at her doorstep.

    There were some really well done emotional performances tonight. The widow's scenes were perfect -- as were those of the kids. Usually when they cast whiny kids they're way over the top. These kids were believeably unruly, and it really added to the show. And don't get me started on Pope and Brenda. Oh my G-d, they were [i]so[/i] good. Pope's reaction to Brenda's confidence was just perfect.

    Also, some good funny in this eppy. Sanchez knows his porn stars. And that lab tech was hilarious.

    Overall, I love, love, [i]love[/i] this show, and whoever Brenda ends up with -- and I'm still pulling for her and Fritz, but I can see where it might not happen -- I'm just gonna continue to love it. Great show, great writing, great cases, and great, great performances.

    Well done, people. Well done. :D
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