The Closer

Season 2 Episode 7

Head Over Heels

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on TNT

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  • An HIV positive porn star, with a head and some feet in a dumpster can only lead to an interesting episode

    This is one of the few episodes from season 2 that I have taken the time to watch and I must say it was a good choice.

    Gabriel was brilliant throughout I loved him trying to kiss up to Brenda with French toast in the beginning. You could have missed the beginning and still noticed that there was something going on between Gabriel and Daniels! Gabriel agreeing with her was priceless to mostly because of the look on Brenda's face when she noticed.

    The porn star parts in the dumpster was freaking fabulous! I loved Johnson telling Tao to 'head' back. The looks she received for that were priceless.

    Sanchez knowing where he had seen Mundy from was brilliant as well. The look on his face when he was asked if he remembered any of the films he had been in was just perfect, I loved it!

    Brenda being worried that she might be pregnant and all mostly seemed like an irritating side story. It was however amusing to see her all touchy about sex. I loved when she told Pope she might be pregnant because that was just humorous. As always I felt a little bad for Fritz especially when Brenda broke out the crime scene photos while he was eating.

    I loved that the victim had been chopped up with a chain saw and thrown into dumpsters around town it was quite interesting. It was a very good storyline in my opinion.