The Closer

Season 7 Episode 6

Home Improvement

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Preparations for Brenda's case continue, but she realizes that she can't afford a lawyer when the one Captain Raydor recommended to her asks for a $25,000 retainer. Meanwhile, a city inspector discovers a body buried in the retaining wall of a construction site. The wall was being torn down because it wasn't built up to code when the body was discovered hidden inside.

The dead man is John David Dale, a registered sex offender who lived in the neighborhood. His head was bashed in with a hammer, but the killing blow was delivered by something much heavier and cone-shaped. Judging by the amount of blood that should have come from the body, the coroner believes that the body was killed elsewhere and then brought to the wall.

The Kings, owners of the home, are brought in for an interview. They deny having any contact with the dead man, but their daughter tells Brenda that there was an incident where her parents openly threatened to kill Dale if he ever came on their property again.

Meanwhile, Brenda discovers that a house in the neighborhood is for sale, and that the house has an open view of the retaining wall. This means anyone who visited the open house (potentially hundreds) would have seen the construction site.

Later at home, Fritz is frustrated (and a little scared) to find Brenda cooking. She says that they're done eating out in order to save money for those lawyer fees. He becomes very upset when Brenda tells him that she has also done away with a few other items, like the land line and TV channels he enjoys watching.

Sanchez discovers that the wall was built without a permit, but why would the inspectors be called in if there was no record of the wall? Someone tipped them off, but who? The inspector says that Dale sent an email to the city about the wall, but the email is dated four days after he'd died. Meanwhile, Fritz speaks to the lawyer saying that he wants to pay Brenda's fees out of his inheritance, but he wants to hide the truth from Brenda, insisting that the lawyer claim that the money came from the City. The lawyer is reluctant to lie.

Brenda pulls Fritz into the investigation as they pose as a couple of doctors interested in the open house. Brenda discovers evidence that one of the garden gnomes has been moved, and the gnome has a pointy hat which matches the wound on the body. Also, Brenda informs the realtor about disclosure laws, and the realtor has to admit that there's some physical damage to the house from rain and from termites. Also that a registered sex offender lived nearby and that this has prevented the home from selling. But since Dale is dead now, it shouldn't be a problem to sell the home.

Brenda finds evidence of bleach on the patio, as well as some bleach-stained clothes in a bedroom closet. Later, Brenda interviews the potential home-sellers, the Turners, and the actual confession comes readily. Mrs. Turner claims the death was spur of the moment in self defense as Dale tried to rape her. Brenda thinks the disposal of the body took a lot more planning and surmised that because the Turners couldn't sell their home with Dale living in the neighborhood, they killed him. But Dale couldn't be taken off the registered sex offenders list until his death was proven, which meant his body needed to be found. Greg emailed the complaint claiming to be Dale so the inspectors could tear open the wall and find the body.

Later, Brenda and Fritz meet with the lawyer, who says that he'll take the case. When Brenda asks about the fee, the lawyer says that it's been taken care of. Brenda assumes this means Pope pulled some strings so the next time she sees him she gives him a huge hug and lavishes him with gratitude. Fritz is grateful that Brenda thinks the City covered the retainer and the three get down to business promising to be totally honest from that point forward.