The Closer

Season 4 Episode 4

Live Wire

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2008 on TNT

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  • Brenda and the team investigate the death of a real estate agent who was wearing a wire. They're old reporter friend Ramos was the one who found the body, and the team suspects the dead man may be another officer.

    So this Ramos character sure seems to find himself in some awkward situations. Is it just coincidence that trouble seems to pop up whenever this guy is around? So, Brenda and the team investigate this murder and find a computer that has the video tape. However, they couldn't see the killer's face on the video tape, so they had Ramos write an article on the front page of the paper that would mislead the killer to think they have him on tape. The ring that was on the finger of the killer tipped off the detectives which led them to Dean, a man that went to high school with the victim. He admitted to getting the victim involved in a drug ring to mule drugs across the border. When the victim stated that he wanted what Dean took from him, which happened to be coke, he wound up dead soon after that. The victim turns out to not be an officer but is a former real estate agent. Fritz wants to take over the case but Brenda doesn't really want him to. She makes a deal with him to exchange information. Brenda does not get to close this case because Dean decided he would rather take his chances with the F.B.I if they offer him a deal, rather than take the life without parole deal that Brenda was offering.
  • Wow. I mean really. Wow.

    What she does to Fritz is what she's always doing to Fritz. And in fact, it's the sort of thing where he overhelped. I think he might've been trying to impress her a little bit with taking her into the secure area, showing her the big board connecting everyone to everyone, and then letting her handle the Big Book.


    And yeah, she withheld an address and swooped in herself because she isn't stupid and she knows how this works. She gets a murderer and he rots in jail, but the FBI gets a low-level drug dealer to get at the higher-level folks and then releases him.

    So, Fritz has every right to be extraordinarily pissed off, and he might well be heading to a meeting, or even two. But while he's absolutely correct that if he'd pulled that skite on Brenda she'd have changed the locks and sent him packing, he's gotta realize that maybe she wouldn't first have dangled a pre-closed case down his throat.

    There's some huge unfinished business between Gabriel and Daniels. It's almost certainly bigger than a breakup. My guess is that that's not the last we'll see of it. :oops:

    I loved Tau's "blowback detector." And I loved Sanchez trying to put up with Flynn and Provenza.

    Flynn: "I'm using my head as an antenna. It increases the range of this thing by 100 feet."
    Sanchez: "I ... don't care."

    Good episode. Not great. It feels really like the first of a two-parter, but I have no idea where else they would go with this particular story, unless the wife is involved somehow. She was unnecessarily ... present in the murder room (do they have any security in that building at all?)

    Oh well. I'm sure they'll come up with something. I'm already on the edge of my seat. :)
  • LT Provenza, Brenda, Chan and The Reporter helped break the case. Lt Provenza stayed with the minor details leading that Led to the Major Reveals.

    Today's eppy is why I continue to come back. Things that we take for granted during an investigation usually ends of being what we need to solve the problem. Provenza knew what was needed today. All resources and connections are assets, from the FBI down to the pesky Reporter. Bending the rules are part of the game as well as taking a long look at what you have and yes, sometimes being Used, Ricardo, is what it takes to get the job done. This show just opens the eyes of what is needed when investigating and I'm sure it blows the minds of many upcoming and aspiring detectives and law enforcements. Bravo to the Writers and Fantastic job by this Team of Actors, for putting on an AWESOME show. Finally, the scenes where Det Daniels and Det Gabriel, bringing their relationship problems to work, is what happens all of the time. I am glad that the writers are exploring this and also touching on when career paths causes problems in relationships, ala Brenda and Fritz's spat at the end.