The Closer

Season 4 Episode 4

Live Wire

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2008 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Pope mentions Ramos previously interfering with investigations. In the season opener, Controlled Burn, Ramos called Bill Croelick's lawyer in an effort to speak with Croelick and scoop the story.

  • Quotes

    • Ramos: You really want the killer to know that you've got him on tape?
      Brenda and Pope: (in unison) No comment.

    • Sanchez: (after finding the victim's computer with the wire recording) You gentlemen up for a movie?

    • Provenza: I'm telling you, this is the dumbest snipe hunt Chief has ever sent us on! I'm out here pounding the pavement like some da** rookie!
      Flynn: Whatsa matter, your Medicare shoes don't like to walk uphill?
      Provenza: (waving a finger at Flynn) One of 'em's about to walk up your a**! Now, don't you worry 'bout my shoes, Flynn, you just worry 'bout the fact that we are never gonna find this car...
      Flynn: Oh, yeah? We're gonna find that car...(Flynn and Provenza start to squabble)
      Sanchez: Lieutenants! There's only one more building inside the mile radius. If it's not here, then it's gotta be at the last one.
      (Flynn holds the victim's car key underneath his jaw with his mouth open)
      Provenza: What in the he** are you doin?!
      Flynn: I'm using my head as an antenna. (holds the key out to Sanchez) You wanna try?
      Sanchez: Uh, no, thank you.
      Flynn: (repositioning the key under his jaw) Now, I read this on the internet. It increases the range by 100 feet.
      Sanchez: I don't care.
      (The car alarm to the victim's car goes off above them)
      Flynn: Hah!

    • Provenza: Ladies and gentlemen, once again I must ask you to hold your applause. Drumroll, please. (Lt. Flynn drums on his desk) The victim's name is...Benjamin Masters. The company that makes his shoes gave me his name, his credit card number and his ship-to address: La Brea Realty, Thousand Oaks, I'm calling now. (imitating Brenda's accent) Thank yew.
      Gabriel: Now, why would a real estate agent be wearing a wire?
      Taylor: Well, could be a Fed sting on mortgage lenders...
      Brenda: Are we sure that the victim didn't just steal Mr. Masters' shoes? I hate to notify his next of kin based on his footwear...

    • Brenda: (Discussing the wire) Is it one of ours?
      Buzz: Well, that's hard to tell. I mean, you can buy this at any electronics store, but this one looks brand new.
      Lt. Flynn: Well, there's your answer. If it's new, it can't be LAPD's.

    • (Provenza grabs the victim's shoe)
      Brenda: Lt. Provenza, what are you doin'?
      Provenza: Shoes. These are custom made. I got a pair just like 'em. Very comfortable too. Aaaand, (pointing inside the shoe) there is the customer number printed inside. Might tell us who this guy is.
      Brenda: You wear homemade shoes?
      Provenza: Custom made. Yes ma'am, I do. Got a little bit of an orthopedic issue.
      Lt. Flynn: Does Medicare pay for them?

    • Ramos: (about the body in the alley) You don't recognize this guy?
      Brenda: Ricardo, I want to thank you so much for your help, but now you must let us do our job. Then you'll get your story.
      Ramos: Oh, no, I have a story.
      Brenda: What are you gonna write: "Unidentified man found dead"?
      Ramos: "Unidentified man found dead wearing a wire, police not only failed to protect an undercover operative but can't even identify him."
      Brenda: For one thing, we're not sure this is even an undercover operation, and in this case you're not just a reporter, you're our only witness. We could tie up your whole day askin' questions, checkin' facts, testin' your hands for gunshot residue...
      Ramos: But you're not gonna do that.
      Brenda: Det. Sanchez, Mr. Ramos would love to give you his statement. Thank you. Thank you so much.
      Det. Sanchez: Vamos, Ramos.

    • Ramos: Ok, ok. I see where this is going. What do you want from me?
      Brenda:Oh no, Ricardo. It's what you want from us. An exclusive.
      Pope: Pencils up. Pencils up!
      Brenda: (quoting what is to be Ramos' story) "Sources inside the LAPD said the unidentified man found dead in a downtown alley early yesterday morning was wearing a concealed video camera, which means that the killer was caught on tape. The department is mustering all available resources so they can locate the base receiver and bring the killer to justice."
      Pope: And you'll run that on the front page of tomorrow's paper.
      Ramos: And if my editor doesn't go along with it?
      Pope: Then it will suck to be you.

    • Pope: Ricardo, I feel like you don't understand...
      Ramos: (interrupting) Chief Pope, I...
      Pope: (Points to himself) Still talking.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: October 1, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Finland: January 28, 2010 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: October 6, 2010 on Prima

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