The Closer

Season 6 Episode 13

Living Proof (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 20, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

A man is suddenly attacked while out Christmas shopping. The attacker pulls out a knife, but in the struggle and fight, the attacker ends up on the street and is hit by a police car.

Johnson and Raydor interrogate the victim, Armand. At first, Armand didn't recognize his attacker, but it turned out to be his estranged father. The family is from Albania and fled during the war in Kosovo. Armand was separated from the rest of his family because he'd married a Christian girl.

Meanwhile, Brenda's parents are visiting for the holiday and they're helping Fritz wrap gifts. They share the exciting news that they're moving to LA, but Brenda's unsure how she feels about having her family so close.

The team heads for Armand's father's apartment, where they find the bodies of two young women with their throats cut. The team figures out that the father could not have murdered them because he had an alibi: fighting in public with his estranged son.

A boy is found in the apartment, and he appears to be the son of one of the slain women. When asked, the boy says that his uncle (Armand) was killed in Kosovo during the war. Later at the station, Armand tells the truth. His family was attacked by Serbs and his sisters were tortured. He managed to escape but his family was shamed by his cowardice and started telling the story that he'd died.

Armand explains that he'd like to help take care of his nephew, but his wife is thoroughly against the idea. The team finds out that the boy lied about where he was during the killings. Pope ends up arresting the boy.

Raydor is frustrated because now she can't go on her Christmas vacation with someone in holding. The boy can't seem to keep his story straight, but Brenda's mom suggests that they can use the computer to figure out what the boy truly knows. The boy manages to get in touch with his aunt (Armand's wife). The team heads for her house, but discover her dead body instead.