The Closer

Season 7 Episode 11

Necessary Evil

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2011 on TNT

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  • That was Intense!


    We get the shows a week late in Canada and only on a specialty (i.e. extra $$) channel. I felt Editor's Obligation to subscribe :) and have been looking forward to resumption of Season 7.

    Based on the final scene, one would think that the source of the leak has been narrowed down to two (or three) people although the concluding scene suggests that it's one of two. Then again, I doubt that the writers would make it that obvious. The show has had spectacular writing (and acting and production) from Day 1 so I'm guessing there's an "I didn't see that coming moment" or three yet to come.

    The case itself can't help but evoke strong emotions given the horrific events that have come to light at Penn State and Syracuse Universities. I know the show was filmed and scheduled long before and of this surfaced, but the timing is nonetheless noteworthy.

  • Hmmm...maybe I was wrong....


    I'm not going to go into the plot on this. I've said on the forums before that I could never ever get into Rader as a regular cast member and all she did as a character was piss me off week after week. Then when we went through the "final episode" / "spin-off" thing after the "break", I couldn't see myself watching a spinoff with Rader in charge of the PHU ... EVER !!! Now we have some more episodes before the REAL final (with Brenda Lee) and I finally see another side to Rader. Have to watch to the last second to catch it though. If was a poker hand I lost, would have told the writers/producers..... Well Played. (and hidden)....

    - Toro

    PS...I recorded this one...maybe I'll write the detailed espisode thing if it doesn't show up in next day or two.

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