The Closer

Season 6 Episode 11

Old Money

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2010 on TNT

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  • An excellent episode featuring a brilliantly camp and menacing adversary. *Spoilers ahead*


    Andy Flynn is brutally attacked one evening in the car park of the AA meeting he's just attended.

    The fight scene between Flynn and his assailant was brilliantly done and left me with a feeling I can only describe as "woah!".

    One of the best moments was Flynn waking up in hospital, his first sight being Provenza standing by his bed, holding a pink balloon with "It's a girl!" written on it, causing Flynn to mutter "so there is a Hell". I love those two and my only bugbear about the episode is that there wasn't enough Provenza/Flynn banter. It was great to see Provenza's worried/protective side though.

    The confusion over Raydor being overly nice to everyone and the ultimate battle of wits between Brenda and her suspect, all pulled together to make this one of my favourite season six episodes.