The Closer

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on TNT

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  • How the heck did this get 7 million viewers? Was it because of the wacky speech style, uninteresting characters or the overall dullness of the show? In any case, I'd hate to see this show become a success.

    Apparently the budget for this show is so small they couldn't even afford a good scene view for the beginning of the episode. They just cut in straight to the acti.. er.. acting?

    So this is yet another series about police work - this time with nothing that would make it different, only things that make it worse. You don't get interesting visuals, tech or cases like in CSI and you won't get gritty, classy & dark tv like in The Inside. Don't expect any action scenes either.

    What you do get is annoying characters, plotlines that may seem complex, but at least I figured out the plot right when I saw the body. And that was about 2 minutes into the show.

    So is there anything good about this show or this particular episode? Nope, nothing really. Well it only lasts 45 minutes. Reminds me of school in that sense.

    Even though there are only few series airing at summertime, I sure won't be wasting my time on this.