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  • the closure

    My husband and I went to the library and rented all the closure types. We never realized that this show was on for so long so there are many episodes we did not watch. This show is good and I am sorry to know there will be no more . :) when good shows come on the stars quit for some stupid reason . There were many people watching that show and that was a good sign !
  • Such a great series

    Why did they take this show off the air. It was original and worth watching unlike most of the garbage on TV today.
  • Our best recordings!!

    This show should be in is DVR it & watch it on Mondays & Tuesdays when nothing else is on. A great series!
  • I dicover it very late but I'm falling in love!

    Do you know if is there any posibilities to do a remake with the same actors?

    Sorry for my english and thanks so much.
  • About the series

    It had great acting for Kyra Sedgwick in season 5.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Closer is a top notch police drama the likes of which television has never seen. For the past 6 years, Kyra Sedgwick has played Chief of Major Case Squad, Brenda Lee Johnson. The series starts out when an old colleague, Chief Pope . Simmons), asks her to come from . to . to run a brand new division within the LAPD. She accepts and nobody is happy about it. They resent her for many reasons, such as, her past relationship with Pope, the fact that she's an outsider, the fact that she's a young woman, take your pick. Her job is to improve the closure rate on high profile crimes, but at the same time she's fighting her own people just to get things done. Sedgwick is absolutely amazing as Brenda Lee Johnson. She is such a smart woman and it shows in the way she portrays the Chief. The supporting cast are all terrific, and are in fact veterans of such successful shows as Oz, Law & Order, and MASH. If you like cop shows, crime dramas, or even just a good old fashion mystery this is the show for you! It's 7th and final season begins on TNT in late June and it's gearing up to be the best one yet!
  • I will miss you Kyra!

    I recently stumbled across The Closer and bought all the seasons on iTunes. I watched them in a matter of months and now I really miss it! I do watch Major Crimes now and I am still enjoying it quite a bit despite the odd monotone way that Captain Raydor talks. It is actually nice to see her as a caring person with Rusty so I like that angle a lot or I would find her very very boring. Kyra brought so much to that show and her sparkle is greatly missing from this new one but I am hooked none the less. I look forward to Kyra's next project! She is an actor that I greatly respect and thoroughly enjoy watching.
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  • interesting show

    of a wreckless and not really "clean" operating unit .i didnt initially like the way the storyline went but i really hoped for a shocking end where a few of them would actually go to jail for their actions

    this show could have been better if they werent portrayed as victims during the investigation (for ex)
  • The Closer rocks my Show World

    The Closer rocked my socks off!! I am really not into crime dramas, I like them,but I generally don't get into crime shows to where I want to watch them episode after episode. Brenda's lying to the suspects, brilliant, her Thank Yous are so clever! I love the hate/kind of like relationship between Brenda and Captain Raydor it's hilarious! The plots are entertaining and they almost always get the bad guy! Provanza and Flynn, good gods those two! Gabriel, I love him, he's so freaking sweet, and not to mention Shanchez and Tao! Pope has his moments, but I personally wasn't that big of a fan. I honestly start catching shows when they are at least 2 or 3 seasons in and usually not until season 5 or 6 (the closer I go into just at the begining of season 7) but truely it's an awesome show, I'm sad they are not doing it anymore, because I LOVED it and I'm generally not a crime-drama show person.
  • The Closer

    I am totally hooked! I wish these old and newest episodes could go on forever. The writing is fabulous and the acting is perfection. The cast selection is wonderful and excellent as well. I only wish I had been given a heads up to watch when this series began. Kudos to all involved, I send high praise to every single crew member. I have not been disappointed with one episode. Thank you for the hard work, and absolute stellar entertainment in every episode..

    Most sincerely,

    Bev Larsen

    San Diego
  • Clever

    The Closer was a clever show I really liked. I'm disappointed it ended. Major Crimes is not even close to it so I stopped watching it.
  • Just put in season 1 and I am hooked for sure!!!

    For soe reason some tv series do not intrest me till they have ended or beed cancelled. I caught an eoisode of the closer on TNT and lost track of time, it was so good. Now I have seasons 1-5 and I am ready for a weekend marathon. Great show so far
  • great

    good funny show!!!!!!
  • closer

    its mest up they took this off air i wish they keep it on air it was a really good show amazeing
  • Closer/Final

    What could have been the best scenes from the entire season, were turned into a quick scene change into a squad room with no further information about the shooting, condition or the confessions of the most important criminal of the season. All we got was a new purse and some HO, HO'S. Even the goodbye tears were a diappointment and brief. Did everyone run out of dialogue at once or were the writers only paid until 8:45 P.M.? Thank you for the homecoming. Those moments of Brenda's pain, were moments shared with a great actress.
  • The Closer

    I have always loved this show the whole cast is superb what puzzles me is why brenda's mother had to die she was such a spark of life in the show please explain this to me.
  • how is brenda leaving

    Brenda is leaving because next week we will learn that her mother died of an heartack. she has no children so she will take it from her sibblings and be her father's keeeper. As she scheduled her father's cancer doctor there she will stay and fritz will continue as the liasion for the fbi. (or her father dies and mother stays with them). Pope is the leak (hopefully). we met gabriel's girlfriend and she will play a big part in his life. fritz gets him into the fbi branch and leaves. The reason i think it is pope is since day one when he found out that she wasn't going to get back with him, he has had it out for her. (I didn't like him in Oz either). until the 13th of aug we won't know for sure but it is fun trying to figure out the writers and Kyra's plan to end the show.
  • Adimirable kyra

    sorry to see the end of the closer,luk at many of the movies that kyra stared in but the closer was the one that caught me.Brenda and fritzy will always stay in my heart they are super hot together!!!!!!!!!! they have impacted on my life greatly and made me stronger in this life .She is the greatest boss .David and detective sanchez are the most two loyal officers, tumbs up to them.She has given me the courage and strenght to deal with menaporse. Hate when pope wife insulting her and hate when she was faced with the lawsuite.Best episode for me is blind side waited a long time to see that proposal!!!!!!!! :) Brenda look super sexy in that jeans in next of kins and i no that kyra has a personal life but i think that fritz should be her guy not only on screen but off screen to they have alot of chemistry going for them and they are a match made in heaven!!!! Kyra may not be the most beautiful in some person`s eyes but to me she has a heart of gold and has proven to be the most inspiring actrist and the closer has brought her light to shine so bright in every possible way sorry to see the end of the closer but i will continue to watch it 0nline:) oh an to the person who say kyra need fashion then may be you don`t no what is fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!! tumbs up to the producers and those that brought the closer to our heart thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.
  • Kyra and Team - We shall miss you greatly!

    I wish somebody could convince Kyra to continue this great show which has been so greatly entertaining, funny and interesting with the twists and the way the cases were solved.

    The spin-off show "Major Crimes" may be a good idea, but without Kyra the team won't be the same....

    Kyra - please come back - your team needs you!
  • Last Line of Final Show

    I really hope the last line of the final episode will be, "Fritzy, it's a double blue line!"

    I am so going to miss this show!
  • I'm one of the steady followers of "The Closer", enjoying my encounters with Deputy Cheif Brenda Johnson (Sedgwick) and her people every week. This show is not spectacularly original, not special in any other way either, it's just quality television, wort

    While not really groundbreaking, "The Closer" seems to gain ground each week. I wasn't impressed with the pilot, not incredibly interested in following the show after that either, but by sticking with the show for a few weeks, it slowly crept under my skin. The result of this is that now I'm stuck enjoying every manouvre Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson manages to pull on her suspects.

    The summerseason might not be the best play for any show, Fox's "The Inside" is barely alive, if even that, and that's not a bad show either. "The Closer" brings more to the mix than it's competitors though, mainly great actors. Not dissing any other shows, I feel Kyra Sedgwick is incredibly authentic in her presentation of Brenda Johnson. Playing on what little she can show of Johnson's personal life, we manage to get this character by watching her work, and we can easily mirror her doing other activities in her life by seeing her instinctively work out the cases she's given.

    Supporting cast in this show is mainly to create comedy or drama, not unlike many other shows, but I feel this part of the show needs more development. If there's anything wrong with "The Closer", it's the one-dimensional supporting cast, though I have seen some improvement in a couple of characters.

    I guess it's with the supporting cast as it is with many reviewers. It takes time to learn to love a show and it's characters. I enjoy my weekly encounters with Johnson and her people, and I look forward to seeing Sedgwick - she's the one thing this show could not do without!

    Most of the positive reviews I've seen for this show are made by people who have watched the show for a while, and most negative reviews I've seen are by people who barely managed through the pilot. On a sidenote, if you are dissing a show, at least have the courtesy to see more than the pilot before writing your complete review, that's just rude and uninformed.

    Anyway, looking forward to season two of "The Closer", only one episode left of season one now! Thank God this show wasn't closed down.
  • 4/21 show

    This is one of the funniest episodes! Not too many shows that make me laugh out loud....keep it going please.
  • Worst Actress Ever

    Kyra Sedgwick she is terrible. Starting with the frumpy clothes, messy hair, huge cheap purses that she roots around in like a pig in slop, she overdoes everything. And that Southern accent omg! When she eats candy I have to stop watching, she moans and groans and rolls her eyes in orgasmic ecstasy which is embarassing to see. Evidentaly someone told her to accent her mouth with brassy lipstick and injections to make them even bigger, now when she attempts to talk it looks like it takes a log of effort on her part to get them moving. She also must have lung cancer or something as you can hear her huffing and puffing and struggling to breathe, I realize she can't help that, but it is distracting. The rest of the show is good, and i wish they would ditch the agonizing close ups of her and focus on the rest of the cast, if she wants a one woman show she needs to go back to Broadway.
  • Congrats!

    I have found myself waiting without much patience for every new episode of THE CLOSER...I really think it is a clever and without any doubt exciting show which I don't want to end..Kyra Sedgwick and Mary McDonnell are my favourite..Regardless, I think that every character has a special part in the show which makes it so unique.

    Keep up the good work guys!!

    By the way I think that the leak is Commander Taylor...
  • I Love This Show ~ Please keep it going!

    I love the Closer. I hope they continue to film it. Kyra Sedgwick does such an outstanding job. As do the rest of the cast. I really look forward to it coming on each weak.
  • ty for canceling

    my wife loved this dumb show so i had to endure episodes of it...lousy actors all over the place, same tired storylines..i hated it..i will always hate it...shes insane and looked it...the accent was silly made me wanna kill people
  • This show annoys me to death!


    From her cheesy accent, to her lizard face the main character in the show is the most annoying of all the characters that ever existed in any "crime solving" genre of TV. I've sat though this show a few times and shes not even clever or brave she just tricks people into confessing and looks stupid when she pushes some one who is completely innocent. If i ever met a cop like this I'd somehow request another one because thispsychowoman is trying to violate my rights by trying to trick me into confessing. Its almost as if shes trying too hard to fill in this masculine role and be the "tough girl", I can't take her seriously and if i met a person like this in real life, I would probably not be her friend to say the least. Now you want an interesting character take a look a the mentalist, he doesn't have to trick you into confessing, you confess because you can't argue with him. There's a show coming up with a REAL tough girl type who actually gets rough and doesn't care about smearing the makeup off of her cake face... probably cause she doesn't have acake faceb/c she's actually good looking. If only I knew the name.... ohwell

  • One of the best on TV right now!

    The Closer really is one of the best shows right now on television. Everything about it is careful, smart, well-thought of. The plot is clever but not extreme, it develops naturally. The characters are great, Brenda is so original, but also believable, she has her quirks, her love for chocolate, her "thank you so much". Everyone loves how she plays dumb in the interview room. The rest of the team are equally interesting and funny. Flinn and Prevenza are the best of the best. Prevenza of course prevails. And as for the dialogues? Well, you'll just have to listen to them. ;)
  • Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, one of the best in the business is leading her team to investigate the murders all over LA....

    Kyra Sedgwick is obviously the last woman standing, manage to overshadowed all her counterparts which most of them are men. With a superb acting, good dialog, great team, a little humor here and there, The Closer is without doubt one of the best police series at the moment.

    And what makes it better, it keeps on improving and entertaining each season.

    The series captured my heart from the Pilot up till now.
    Kyra really deserves the Emmy, and I hope (and pretty sure) she'll at least being nominated every year as long as The Closer still on air.

    I Love The Closer to bits!