The Closer

TNT (ended 2012)





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  • This show annoys me to death!


    From her cheesy accent, to her lizard face the main character in the show is the most annoying of all the characters that ever existed in any "crime solving" genre of TV. I've sat though this show a few times and shes not even clever or brave she just tricks people into confessing and looks stupid when she pushes some one who is completely innocent. If i ever met a cop like this I'd somehow request another one because thispsychowoman is trying to violate my rights by trying to trick me into confessing. Its almost as if shes trying too hard to fill in this masculine role and be the "tough girl", I can't take her seriously and if i met a person like this in real life, I would probably not be her friend to say the least. Now you want an interesting character take a look a the mentalist, he doesn't have to trick you into confessing, you confess because you can't argue with him. There's a show coming up with a REAL tough girl type who actually gets rough and doesn't care about smearing the makeup off of her cake face... probably cause she doesn't have acake faceb/c she's actually good looking. If only I knew the name.... ohwell