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TNT (ended 2012)





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  • Adimirable kyra

    sorry to see the end of the closer,luk at many of the movies that kyra stared in but the closer was the one that caught me.Brenda and fritzy will always stay in my heart they are super hot together!!!!!!!!!! they have impacted on my life greatly and made me stronger in this life .She is the greatest boss .David and detective sanchez are the most two loyal officers, tumbs up to them.She has given me the courage and strenght to deal with menaporse. Hate when pope wife insulting her and hate when she was faced with the lawsuite.Best episode for me is blind side waited a long time to see that proposal!!!!!!!! :) Brenda look super sexy in that jeans in next of kins and i no that kyra has a personal life but i think that fritz should be her guy not only on screen but off screen to they have alot of chemistry going for them and they are a match made in heaven!!!! Kyra may not be the most beautiful in some person`s eyes but to me she has a heart of gold and has proven to be the most inspiring actrist and the closer has brought her light to shine so bright in every possible way sorry to see the end of the closer but i will continue to watch it 0nline:) oh an to the person who say kyra need fashion then may be you don`t no what is fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!! tumbs up to the producers and those that brought the closer to our heart thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.
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