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  • how is brenda leaving

    Brenda is leaving because next week we will learn that her mother died of an heartack. she has no children so she will take it from her sibblings and be her father's keeeper. As she scheduled her father's cancer doctor there she will stay and fritz will continue as the liasion for the fbi. (or her father dies and mother stays with them). Pope is the leak (hopefully). we met gabriel's girlfriend and she will play a big part in his life. fritz gets him into the fbi branch and leaves. The reason i think it is pope is since day one when he found out that she wasn't going to get back with him, he has had it out for her. (I didn't like him in Oz either). until the 13th of aug we won't know for sure but it is fun trying to figure out the writers and Kyra's plan to end the show.