The Closer

Season 3 Episode 3

Saving Face

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on TNT

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  • Brenda gets beat up by a bride and Flynn and Provenza in trouble, once again.

    Provenza loses his hold on the casket of an ex-police officer and it goes rolling down stairs, pops open and not only is the police officer's body in there, but also that of a woman. Instead of making an immediate crime scene, Flynn and Provenza decide to bury the coffin with just the police officer inside then bring it back to the church so the investigation into the death of the woman can commence. Brenda has other ideas and interrupts the burial and immediately orders Flynn and Provenza to get the body and coffin back to the church. While investigating at the church, Brenda gets beat up by a bride who's wedding is put on hold because of the murder investigation. The bride and her dad want to sue, but everything was caught on tape and they have no leg to stand on. Brenda has a legitimate case of police brutality and other counts. They use the breast implants in the dead woman's body to find out her identity. It turns out she was linked to the dead police officer. Brenda and her team find out the plastic surgeon killed her because she was going to reveal his secrets. And since he had access to the funeral home, he dumped her body there. And Fritz and Brenda are still trying to find a house. Brenda just never seems to find the time to look at anything. Maybe one day she will.

    I loved this episode because it combined everything I love about this series, the drama and the comedy. Every week they throw something at us unexpected.
  • My first episode of The Closer

    This is the only episode of The Closer that I have watched so far and I can honestly say that I liked it. The episode was incredible and great because I've never seen the show before and I could understand what was going on.

    I loved the bride!! It was great to see Brenda holding back when you knew that she could have beat the crap out of the spoiled brat bride. I loved that in the end they confiscated the photos from her plastic surgeon when he was arrested for murdering Sue and they kind of black mailed her into giving up on the lawsuit. It was ridiculous that they were gonna sue the LAPD like that. It was something that only a spoiled brat from a rich family would try.

    The blonde coming out of Ray’s casket during the funeral was incredibly creepy. I loved how Flynn and Provenza were trying to get the funeral to just carry on and Tao went and called Johnson. It was great! I loved Pope when he told Brenda that she was the most downloaded fully clothed woman on the internet after the incident at the church.

    Brenda changing her lipstick was funny!! I loved Fritz telling her that he loved her lips while she was trying every different lipstick imaginable. This was an amazing episode and it’s got me hooked on The Closer now!
  • Exciting, funny, and maybe a little strange!

    When i saw the trailer for this episode, I was waiting all week to see it. A coffin rolling down stairs, two bodies falling out a casket when only one is supposed to be in it, a crazied bride determined to get married almost ruining a crime scene and beating on Brenda with flowers, a funeral ruined, I love those kinds of episodes. I was laughing through most of it. A whole wedding, party of too many to count, arrested and complaining. The most downloaded woman on youtube, that was funny. Just like always though, Brenda solved the case and managed to get a lawsuit, which they would've won anyway, dropped. I'm glad I missed RAW to watch this. One of my favorite episodes of this show.
  • Instantly Hooked!

    Just recently today (July 4th by the way) watched The Closer for the first time ever, which happened to be "Saving Face" on On Demand I was instantly hooked. It had a crime, laugh out loud moments and a great development for a key couple (Fritz/Brenda).

    Simply the episode starts at a wake for I'm guessing one of Detective Lt. Provenza's dearest friends, but as they prepare to carry the casket to the grave site Provenza mistakenly lets go do to the heaviness of the casket. Causing the weight to be uneven which leads to the casket falling from everyones hands and rolling down the steps. Hitting the last step the casket opens to roll out a Jane Doe wrapped in a yellow blanket. Sure it may sound unoriginal but wait till the Bride that's suppose the get married next. I instantly wanted to laugh out loud when the Bride knocks Brenda, now that was a great way to be hooked into The Closer lol. I won't give away anymore cause you have to see it to like it, I can't just describe it but I've leave with saying this they all got cake to eat during interrogation's of the suspects for the murder though. Oh yea Brenda also gets acknowledgment on her unflattering sense of lipstick and fashion along with her her large breast, which was pretty unnecessary but was hilarious and sorta helped move along the Fritz/Brenda relationship which was pretty cute.

    This is a great example of why The Closer is a ratings winner for TNT a defiant must watch for Closer fans and not but do want to see what's with all the commotion. So in my book I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 for reasons stated above and for why not 10 out of 10, I just some parts needed or could have benefited with a little more originality.
  • youtube...

    Well there wasn’t much contact with Gabriel and Brenda in this episode so it is hard to know if things are better between them. Once again Flynn and Provenza are in trouble – as they are the pallbearers in a fellow officer’s funeral, the casket is heavier then they expected and they drop it down the stairs, out pops the body and another of a skinny blonde with big boobs. Good thing that her implants have serial numbers, that leads them to the doctor who placed them, and also the man who killer her. Funny pop culture reference of being the number one video on you tube. Also funny was Brenda asking Daniels about her lipstick, if it looks good, and Daniels saying ‘are you asking me as a friend or as the chief’ because we all know that will be two different answers.