The Closer

Season 3 Episode 3

Saving Face

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on TNT

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  • My first episode of The Closer

    This is the only episode of The Closer that I have watched so far and I can honestly say that I liked it. The episode was incredible and great because I've never seen the show before and I could understand what was going on.

    I loved the bride!! It was great to see Brenda holding back when you knew that she could have beat the crap out of the spoiled brat bride. I loved that in the end they confiscated the photos from her plastic surgeon when he was arrested for murdering Sue and they kind of black mailed her into giving up on the lawsuit. It was ridiculous that they were gonna sue the LAPD like that. It was something that only a spoiled brat from a rich family would try.

    The blonde coming out of Ray’s casket during the funeral was incredibly creepy. I loved how Flynn and Provenza were trying to get the funeral to just carry on and Tao went and called Johnson. It was great! I loved Pope when he told Brenda that she was the most downloaded fully clothed woman on the internet after the incident at the church.

    Brenda changing her lipstick was funny!! I loved Fritz telling her that he loved her lips while she was trying every different lipstick imaginable. This was an amazing episode and it’s got me hooked on The Closer now!