The Closer

Season 3 Episode 3

Saving Face

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on TNT

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  • Brenda gets beat up by a bride and Flynn and Provenza in trouble, once again.

    Provenza loses his hold on the casket of an ex-police officer and it goes rolling down stairs, pops open and not only is the police officer's body in there, but also that of a woman. Instead of making an immediate crime scene, Flynn and Provenza decide to bury the coffin with just the police officer inside then bring it back to the church so the investigation into the death of the woman can commence. Brenda has other ideas and interrupts the burial and immediately orders Flynn and Provenza to get the body and coffin back to the church. While investigating at the church, Brenda gets beat up by a bride who's wedding is put on hold because of the murder investigation. The bride and her dad want to sue, but everything was caught on tape and they have no leg to stand on. Brenda has a legitimate case of police brutality and other counts. They use the breast implants in the dead woman's body to find out her identity. It turns out she was linked to the dead police officer. Brenda and her team find out the plastic surgeon killed her because she was going to reveal his secrets. And since he had access to the funeral home, he dumped her body there. And Fritz and Brenda are still trying to find a house. Brenda just never seems to find the time to look at anything. Maybe one day she will.

    I loved this episode because it combined everything I love about this series, the drama and the comedy. Every week they throw something at us unexpected.