The Closer - Season 6

TNT (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • An Ugly Game
    Episode 15

    When a crack addict is arrested on Skid Row, Commander Taylor passes the file to Major Crimes so that they will appear busy. When Brenda interviews the addict she empathizes with him, much to the frustration of David Gabriel, for whom the facts in the case, specifically a set of keys the addict threw away during his arrest, don't add up. He tries desperately to get his point across to Brenda eventually going over her head to both Chief Pope and Fritz, who shares a terrible secret from his alcoholic past to help her see what addicts can be capable of.

  • Living Proof (2)
    Episode 14

    The team has another murder victim, the first victim's sister, which stretches the case through Christmas Day and raises more questions about the involvement of Armand and Joan Marku.

    In the middle of the investigation, Brenda gets a panic phone call from her parents when their RV is robbed of all their Christmas gifts as well as its microwave.

  • Living Proof (1)
    Episode 13

    Brenda, her the entire team and Captain Raydor's holiday plans change suddenly when a man is attacked by a knife-wielding assailant who is accidentally run over and killed by the police officer responding to 911 calls. The investigation takes a dramatic twist when it turns out the man's dead attacker is his estranged father.

    Meanwhile, Brenda & Fritz receive a huge surprise for Christmas from Brenda's visiting parents.

  • High Crimes
    Episode 12

    After Robbery/Homicide gets nowhere with a series of armed robberies at medical marijuana dispensaries, Chief Delk turns the investigation over to Major Crimes. The team is not sure why they are handed the case, but when the next robbery includes a murder, Chief Delk is proven right in his decision to have Major Crimes lead the investigation.

    Meanwhile, Brenda is left to consider a possible promotion.

  • Old Money
    Episode 11

    As he is leaving an AA meeting, Lt. Flynn is attacked and badly beaten, but manages to fatally wound his attacker. Both Brenda and Capt. Raydor investigate when a death row inmate, arrested by Flynn 12 years earlier, files a serious complaint against him.

  • Executive Order
    Episode 10
    Brenda could have trouble keeping up with two different investigations that may lead to a possible terrorist attack. Brenda has to work with the counter terrorism unit chief who is also in the running for chief of police.
  • 9/6/10

    Brenda's next case has her and the team investigating the brutal murder of an actress who was dating through an online service. Unfortunately the case takes a back seat when Brenda, under the guidance of Captain Raydor, must prepare for her interview with the mayor for the Chief of Police position. While Brenda still has second thoughts about whether she'd like the job, she manages to juggle the preparation with keeping a hand in the case, which was handed over to Commander Taylor.

  • War Zone
    Episode 8

    Brenda's investigation into the shooting of three soldiers at a club in Los Angeles just days after they returned from active duty in Afghanistan brings her up against a military man whose agenda threatens the investigation of not only the three murders, but two others recently committed at a neighborhood convenience store.

  • Jump the Gun
    Episode 7

    A familiar and non-violent gang of thieves, know as the Dear Jane Robbers, leave more questions than answers after a security guard is killed and they thieves depart in a barrage of automatic weapons fire. The most puzzling question is why this one crime did not fit their usual pattern. Brenda finds Fritz that has a wealth of information and is also showing an unusual amount interest in the crime. She and the team are shocked to discover the reason why.

    Meanwhile, Brenda and Chief Pope find out if their chances ay becoming the next Chief of Police when the short list of candidates is released.

  • Off the Hook
    Episode 6

    Sergeant Gabriel is an unwitting witness to the murder of a parole board member when he answers a misdialed call for help. Pope—ever mindful of the upcoming choice for Chief of Police—decides to take the case over from Brenda and launches Operation Swift Justice, taking over Major Crime's offices in the process. When all is said and done, Chief Pope may end up with a different outcome than he had hoped.

  • Heart Attack
    Episode 5

    Detective Mikki Mendoza requests the help of Major Crimes when a series of savage murders suggests that a drug cartel is active in the city. When the investigation leads in a different direction, an even more disturbing scenario emerges.

    Meanwhile, Provenza lays down the law with a distracted Sanchez who continues to appear more interested in Ruben than his professional duties. This results in a more defiant Sanchez and a decision by Provenza to resolve the situation for good.

  • Layover
    Episode 4

    While extraditing a prisoner on a flight, Lieutenants Flynn and Provenza connect with two flight attendants. When Provenza returns to his date's apartment, instead of romance he finds a dead body in the bathtub and lands Major Crimes in the middle of two of murders and a connection to a drug trafficking ring. The drug angle has the FBI, in the form of Fritz, trying to 'wheedle' in on the case.

    Meanwhile, Brenda makes a career decision and ends up telling Chief Pope about it.

  • In Custody
    Episode 3
    As the squad is busy looking into a suicide they also get into the middle of the dispute between a dying husband and his wife who is addicted to crystal meth. Meanwhile Pope is one of many applicants for the chief of police job but may not realize that Brenda may have a say in whether or not he can have the job.moreless
  • Help Wanted
    Episode 2

    Brenda and her squad are asked to investigate the disappearance of the nanny of the Diskins, close friends of the mayor. When the nanny turns up raped and murdered, suspicion initially falls on the mayor's friends.

    Meanwhile Capt. Raydor, who is questioning Brenda in embarrassing detail about her history with Chief Pope, ostensibly as background for his application for Chief of Police, joins Brenda in the investigation shadowing her every move, but her deep interest seems unusual.

  • The Big Bang
    Episode 1

    Season six starts us off with the investigation into the murder of a man who loved to take pictures of star constellations from his balcony. Brenda and her squad think there maybe a connection a woman who the victim was having an affair with. There is one problem Brenda might not have anticipated; a missing murder weapon.

    Meanwhile, moving into a new, technologically state of the art office tower proves to be a challenge to the team.