The Closer

Season 7 Episode 21

Series Finale: The Last Word

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2012 on TNT



  • Quotes

    • Brenda: And this boy (Rusty), there's something he said.
      Fritz: What?
      Brenda: Gonna be surprised.
      Fritz: Why?
      Brenda: Made me think about my life.
      Fritz: I'm surprised.
      Brenda: Told you!
      Fritz: (Fritz sits down next to her) What did Rusty say?
      Brenda: Am, he said that ah, bad men were how he made a living and it doesn't hurt to just listen to them and that, am, his mother was gone and she wasn't coming back. And, am, I started to think about how sad that story was and then I realized that's me.
      Fritz: You make your living listening to bad people and your mother's gone.
      Brenda: (fighting back tears) And she's never coming back. But Stroh is; that's what I have to look forward to - Stroh coming back.
      Fritz: Where?
      Brenda: Where the bad men go.

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