The Closer

Season 2 Episode 14

Serving the King (Part I)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on TNT

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  • i like the CIA...

    So we find out that the investigation has put three officers on hold. Both Provenza and Sanchez are on leave pending and IA investigation and Brenda is on paid administrative leave. I have no idea why she is on leave, but whatever. Enter the CIA, Brenda’s former employer. (The LAPD has a close personal relationship with the FBI, guess now it is the CIA’s turn). Taylor has taken over the room and the squad returned to their original posts. Well there is a murder that Taylor is sucking at solving that has the CIA interested. Brenda is summoned through code and secret locations to help solve this murder and find an informant. In return her squad, in whole, will be reinstated. She takes the assignment, but of course in liberal with the rules. In the end all turns out ok and the PHD is back in action.
  • Truly enjoyable installment.

    I loved this show, but somehow it felt a little low energy.

    And I think I know why.

    Before now, I've come to "The Closer" as a chunk of summer programming when it's just about the only new thing on all week aside from "Rescue Me." And it's terribly exciting because it's so well written and enjoyable.

    And I don't think this two-parter was [i]less[/i] enjoyable, but it was plunked down on its own in the middle of "Heroes," "Studio 60" and three new (to me) episodes of "Six Feet Under."

    So I taped it and I watched it. And fell asleep. And watched it again, and fell asleep (really, this week has been [i]draining[/i]). And I finally watched [i]all[/i] of it yesterday and I think maybe it wasn't the [i]show[/i] that was low-energy so much as the [i]viewer[/i].

    And I was immediately drawn back into the story. And it's so [i]cool[/i] that it wasn't run right after it because now Brenda's experienced four months of distance and so have we.

    And it spoke to how this show does try to be accurate. An interagency Internal Affairs investigation of this nature isn't going to be taken care of instantly. A division chief would be on paid leave while the investigation continued. It's interesting to me how ill-equipped someone with Brenda's perspicacity is to [i]be[/i] on extended leave -- her many abandoned projected littering every flat surface were amusing to me. I know I'd have come up with something to do, but no matter.

    And [i]while[/i] she's gone, it makes sense that Taylor would dismantle the office in every direction. And four months gave him [i]time[/i] to do all of that. Crumbs everywhere! And it was wonderful what kind of influence Brenda's had on that office in the relatively short time she's been there. The members of her team remaining in place had become better investigators using her methodologies at the crime scene.

    But they were also pretty clearly at something of a loss without her. And she without them.

    As for the story itself, did it seem likely that Brenda would be called into this situation? Not overwhelmingly. But despite her sometimes brusque demeanor and personality quirks ([b]Flynn[/b]: "I'd just so missed hearing the word 'Please.'" :D )she has built up a coterie of people who have enormous respect for her and it was clear this was one of those personal contact things.

    And I [i]loved[/i] the leverage she brought to bear on the CIA. And how magically her office became her own again and all evidence of an IA impediment evaporated like morning dew. And there was something [i]terrifically[/i] satisfying about Brenda and Fritz storming her own office and all but [i]shoving[/i] Taylor out the door.

    The resolution of the international terrorism case fell to something a little disappointingly ad hominem and the bear exchange was a little Encyclopedia Brown, but the phosporescent paint was cool as hell (her instincts for experiencing the scene the way Malik had were dead on) and the tracking via flashlight and then the assassination of Voitsky -- just enjoyable, as was the energy on the screen when her staff was reunited. Daniels and Gabriel seem to have split in our time away, so that's sad, but Brenda seems annoyed by Pope and conciliatory about Fritz, so that's good. And Fritz and Provenza still have this fantastic chemistry I'm looking forward to seeing all next summer.

    Now ...

    Is this a structure they should revisit? Ever? No. I really hope they do not. Watching television is a leisure activity, and it felt like a marathon of sorts trying to fit this into my week.

    But I'm so glad I was finally able to make the time for it.

    Besides -- "Heroes" encores on SciFi at 7/6c on Friday and the SFU ep I missed encores at 11 a.m. Saturday on Bravo, so I can pick those up again there, too. :)

    Great work, guys. Great premise -- the "serving the king" narrative was excellent. And altogether, some excellent writing, acting and presentation. Well done. :D
  • Exactly Why I Watch!

    We know that Brenda used to work in the CIA
    And goes to her mentor as she takes some involuntary
    Time off but it is anything BUT a vacation as she
    Wants to put away some terrorist but the commmanding power hungry person in charge wants to break away her team while she is away.
    She keeps this other case with the terrorists under wraps away from everybody.