The Closer

Season 7 Episode 15

Silent Partner

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 26, 2011 on TNT

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  • Kiddy

    Has everyone forgotten Buzz? He also knows everything the others know and sometimes more. He also is not a cop, he's a civilian employee and doesn't have the same loyalty to the team or the job that the others have. He is also the only one that the show could lose and it wouldn't hurt the team. Flynn came over to Brenda's side and told off Taylor, so it can't be him. Taylor is a self-serving egotist with delusions of grandure and while it could be him, I don't believe he has the guts to set himself openly against her. Remember, he worked behind the scenes when he tried to get IA on her back with the charge "unbecoming an officer". He obviously didn't want anyone to know who was behind the dirty work. Also, don't forget that Gabriel went over her head to Pope when he thought she was acting outside of SOP. I think that was very revealing of him even though he told her she should know he was "always on her side". The one member of the team Brenda is most invested in is Gabriel and his betrayal would definitely break her heart. That COULD make her leave. His only defense would be that he didn't realize he was actually leaking information. Could it be he and Daniels got back together and pillow-talk being what it is, with Daniels having been there before, he felt safe in divulging things to her that he shouldn't have? The actual betrayal could have been Daniels. This way, no one would have to leave the show. I like the cast as is and would hate to lose anyone. This is my favorite show and is on a par with MASH for the ensemble assembled.
  • The Closer I think is the best show I've seen in my 68 years the writers

    I think are the best. Of course the acting is good too but the stories and the kind of on going plot over the Tyron Baylor killing and law suits and the leak. I think the leak is Taylor. I hope it's not any of the others. I also think Mary MacDonnell (Captain Rador) will be an excellent replacement for Brenda as she has decided to leave. I was sorry to hear her leaving but really glad to eventually hear the show will continue being called Major Crimes. I think Mary (Stands with a fist) MacDonell will be a great replacement for Brenda, and she has done such a great acting job of first making you hate her to becoming a loyal, protecting friend to Brenda and major crimes. By far my greatest fondest show.