The Closer

Season 4 Episode 8

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on TNT
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Rated: TV-14-LV
In another brush with fame, Brenda and the team must investigate the movie set murder of a hairdresser.

In the meantime, Brenda tries to get her parents out of her hair when they come to town and work her into a lather over her yet-to-be-planned wedding.


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  • Hollywood hair stylist gets murdered and Brenda's parents pay a visit with wedding talk the main topic of conversation.

    Wow - incredible follow up to the last episode. I knew it would be hard to outdo what they did last week but the Closer team did it. This story had everything. Loved the parents visiting and it was the perfect time for them to appear this season. The domestic abuse story combined with a Hollywood story was one you don't see often. Good job to the writers on this, not your typical cliche story. This show only gets better. Dying to see how they finish up this season. Anyone know how many episodes will be on in the winter?moreless
  • Wow. Just ... wow.

    I thought this episode was amazing. Honestly, I had no idea where it was going from one minute to the next. I always love Brenda's parents, and I love the switcheroo Fritz pulled on her. That is, after he told her to stand up to her parents about the wedding, he stood up to her. I also had what I thought was a really nice theory about why Provenza is so eager to be tour guide. It didn't pay off this episode, but I don't think it's the last time we'll see her parents, so ... I think he likes to get them talking about her. I think he gets prime Brenda gossip from her folks, and that's why he's so jazzed to cart them around. :D

    I had a lot of trouble connecting with the victim in this one. I kept focusing on the trailer where they found the body, which was a makeup trailer for something called "Trauma Center" -- this sense that someone -- the husband, perhaps -- was heavily madeup so he looked like he hadn't been in a fight, or that the scarring would turn out to be makeup and the cause of death would point somewhere else. Also, the idea that the ex had gotten the haircut elsewhere. I just couldn't figure out why she was agreeing to meet with him in the first place if he was so abusive.

    And then for it to be some other abuser who'd gone off on her so as to grab someone else ... that was just ... wild. I wonder what he was doing on the lot? Oh well, people do get in everywhere. :P

    I loved the team's nonverbal communication when they met with the blonde woman, and her showing Brenda her cuts and scars while letting her know that the guy was still like right there. Brilliant.

    And I truly enjoyed Pope's apology. "I'm sorry you're such a louse." :P

    This show is incredible. I ... wow. I just love this show. Like ... a lot. :)moreless
  • Well written story. Brenda like most people is vulernable.

    Great episode! I liked that the crime was centered around "behind the scene" characters. People with real life issues. The victim had the same issues that Brenda Leigh had. We see strong women out in the real world, but there is always someone out there bullying them. We just don't see behind closed doors. Brenda Leigh is vulnerable and must stand up to her father. Of course, Brenda's parents always liven up a show. The imagine romance of Willie Rae and Provinza was a cute side line. The twist at the end was great. It was a nice change not to meet the murdered in first 30 minutes of the program.moreless
  • Brenda and the team investigate the murder of a woman who had a history of being beaten by her ex husband, who is Brenda's number one suspect in the case. Brenda's parents are in town and her father is pushing Fritz and Brenda to set a wedding date.moreless

    Brenda is having breakfast with her family and Fritz, and her father is pushing the issue of Fritz and Brenda to get a move on this wedding already. Saved by the bell, Brenda gets a call about a murdered movie star who's ex husband used to like to beat her. Fritz pretends to have a call about a bomb threat so he can duck out on being stuck babysitting the parents. the ex husband of the victim turns out to be Brenda's number one suspect, until he sees the picture of the crime scene of Rachel, his ex and seems to be surprised. Brenda thinks this is just an act. When tips lead the team to a woman's house who Rachel was trying to help, they find a man who was hurting this woman as well and turned out to be the one that killed Rachel. This was a good episode, looking forward to the next one.moreless
  • The Johnsons provide laughs while the case provides some nice drama.

    It's always fun when Brenda's parents drop in and this was no exception. Seeing them needle her on the marriage was very fun as was her father still seeming to give her fiancee the stink eye. Also fun was Provenza eager to take them out and the chemistry between the trio. This of course led to the nice bit of Brenda finally standing up to them and telling them it was her choice when to get married and that was that which was turned on its ear at the end.

    The case was nice with the abusive husband so obvious a suspect but failed to see how it would all end up with the actress and her abusive boyfriend. I did enjoy Pope's "apology" to the man who still acted like he was the victim in all this, ending a nicely written episode to show the great mix of comedy and drama this series handles so well.moreless
J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Assistant Police Chief Will Pope

Corey Reynolds

Corey Reynolds

Sgt. David Gabriel

Robert Gossett

Robert Gossett

Commander Russell Taylor

G.W. Bailey

G.W. Bailey

Detective Lt. Louis Provenza

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick

Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson

Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Detective Lt. Andy Flynn

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