The Closer

Season 6 Episode 1

The Big Bang

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2010 on TNT

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  • A great kick-off to the season with a wonderful mix of humor and a nice new HQ.

    The show is always great when it gets humor in it and this was a fine example. The sight of Brenda trying to keep the witness from seeing the man's body being lowered by the window had me howling and Sedgewick sold the comedy great. The problems of the gang dealing with their new HQ were fun too as it was no surprise Brenda was against the smooth high-tech interview rooms. We also had nice touches like the offices of Pope and the Commander being mixed up and such. The actual case was a bit obvious in the ending but I liked how the husband inadvertely convicted himself with the attempted murder on tape and Brenda showed once again how she could break down a baddy. The idea of Pope as the new Chief is promising but its Brenda who's the focus and this episode was a great reason why the show still entertains in all this time.
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