The Closer

Season 1 Episode 10

The Butler Did It

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2005 on TNT

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  • thank yeww...

    Oh, oh oh – I hate parallel parking so much – I feel Brenda’s pain. So I loved the clue references – I have been waiting my entire career to say this – the butler did it. Loved it. I was hoping that all of the Duton children were guilty. Those are so spoiled brats that needed to be brought down to reality. The lawyer was driving me crazy – so glad that he was guilty. Love the Julio teasing – so funny considering that he is always hitting on the girls. Where were Fritzy and the kitties?? I want to see more off them – thank yeww.
  • Again a great episode as usual!

    Again this is a great episode as I love the writing
    GW Bailey is underrated as he provides most of the comic relief of the show
    Brenda again is stepping on peoples' toes although she means well
    As she tries to gain a confession
    To making the suspect talk and she will make sure they finally break down and confessing to the killings.
  • Funny and serious at the same time

    This was another unbelievable episode with a twist on a very old cliché. While I haven\'t been able to see the whole episode, I did catch the last 25 minutes. Enough to figure out who was the actual killer and why.

    It was clever when Brenda unmasked the murderer by grilling the original suspects, a bunch of immature adults who never grew out their playpens except physically. The family lawyer in defense of their actions actually gave himself away without realizing what he did. I saw what she was doing all along and you know what. The oldest son who was giving Brenda that hungry \"look\" appeared to have realized it as well judging by the knowing expression on his face.

    The DA could learn a few things from her; after all, he did not read between the lines.

    Very Columboesque.
  • Provenza: "I've always wanted to say this: The butler did it."

    Let's just start with that parking job.

    Y'know, I get the sense that Brenda's a woman with a lot of pride. That not only does she enjoy being in control of the impression she's making on people, but that she insists on it.

    Now, L.A. has gotta be a freeqin' nightmare to try to get around in when you're new, so she'd put up with leaving a little early and taking a few wrong turns, and she'd expect her colleagues to be gentlemen about it, and for the most part they'd understand.

    I know it's possible that she's come in from a place with mainly diagonal parking. But after one attempt at parallel parking upon arrival, I'd assume she'd leave her car just any damn' way (like she ultimately did) and stride forth. Then, if she really had an issue with parallel parking, I'd assume she'd take a few moments between cases and just drive to a residential neighborhood and practice.

    It's the vehicular equivalent of tripping on one's shoelaces and I know that Brenda has a lot more grace than that.

    What is //wonderful// about this character, however, is that she doesn't lose poise for a moment. Faced with a gate and a wall, she is willing to climb on top of a black-and-white and pull a header to gain entry.

    "There's a bit of a drop." :D

    These little adjustment quirks they've included do keep her sympathetic without becoming, in my opinion, //actually// pathetic.

    Now, to the murder.

    Well, no, not yet. We must first have the D.A. ask her to run along and make some coffee.

    I really did enjoy that exchange.

    I also enjoyed him helping her do the dishes and clean up a little by way of apology.

    Her house was spotless when Gabriel was stumbling around as kitten-wrangler. One wonders what that pile of mess was about. She //is// getting herself moved in and such but ...

    ... um ...

    Did she leave Fritz in //Mexico//? He wasn't much in evidence in this episode.

    I //do// hope they're not just bringing him in when he can help with the cases. Brenda would be a lobotomized fool to let that guy go.

    And she proved, once again, that she is no lobotomized fool.

    No fingerprints on the 30-pound ladder which the butler with his dodgy leg did //not// wipe down after clambering to his suicide drunk off his butt tottering out to the end of the flagpole.

    Not especially clever on the part of the attorney, who has gotten perhaps a bit //too// good at cleaning up the Duttons' many, many messes. But an //extremely// pleasant exchange with the coroner, I thought.

    Even so, it must've been possible to heave the body from the floor above. Meh, it's not that big a deal.

    The leering vibe off the one son and the daughter's having the grace of Courtney Love at the prom was just some fun storytelling. I guess for $50,000 he'd have expected Det. Sanchez to have any name he gave him. :)

    Then the creepy come-on by the other Dutton at the end of the episode -- "Be careful what you wish for," was an excellent line.

    She's just so damn good. "Is that what you consider an interview? Dragging people in and just asking them questions?"

    In the end, Occam's razor won out. Eliminate the impossible, and you're left with the only possible solution.

    Nicely played, and once again, well done.

    I see I've got another set of DVDs to purchase when this season is over. :)
  • This episode felt more like we were returning to why most of us liked the show to begin with. Brenda was in her element sorting out the clues and solving the crime like nobody else.

    The lure of "The Closer" all hinges on Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. She's "The Closer" and it's her ability to conduct interviews and illicit confessions that makes the show so entertaining. This makes for a daunting challenge for the show's writers, but this week's episode "The Butler Did It." truly delivers and is a perfect example of why I watch the show.

    The story itself was not as gripping, or as gritty as past episodes, but I for one was happy that it wasn't. Some episodes this season were more along the lines of "justice at any price" more than the formula that was introduced at the start of the series. I like it when Brenda closes the case by outsmarting the criminal and building an air tight case, instead of relying on others to deal out justice as in last week's episode "Good Housekeeping". I needed something lighter and more soft hearted.

    Even though the tone was lighter, there was plenty of good stuff going on. A handful of suspects, 3 different murders and plenty of drama thrown in the mix. This episode felt more like we were returning to why most of us liked the show to begin with. Brenda was in her element sorting out the clues and solving the crime like nobody else.
  • A fun romp that treads on clasic murder mystery themes.

    The CLoser has always balanced between the drama and humor and this ep takes a big leap in the latter category. Indeed, the opening moments have Brenda acting like Inspector Clouseau, trying in vain to parrall park her car and faling over the bushes. THat followed by the bit of the butler's corpse smashing through the window while everyone's arguing.

    Thankfully, it tones down the slapstick but keeps up the interesting humor, such as how each of the children are arrested. You can feel for Brenda, who probably wishes she was with a serial killer than having to interview these three idiots and their boorish lawyer. If thier mother was like them at all, no wonder she's dead.

    Murdering a butler is an idea that sadly doesn't get played that often and it's fun to see here. There's also the other ways it plays with the classic murder mystery formeula such as with her dismissing the suspects from the room one by one before using Bloom's own words to bury them. The way the other cop was absolutely flumoxxed at her revelation it was Bloom was great to watch as was Bloom's sad acceptance and regret he didn't waste the whole brood. "YOu think I can plead insanity?" Hey, after seeing those three, I think he's got a case.

  • There\'s no real classification for this episode...

    As if things weren\'t bad enough for Brenda.

    She\'s just gotten the PHD to where she likes it (free of individuals who will do anything to make her life miserable...) and now she has to deal with the case from hell.

    Those words, quite frankly, sum up the whole Dutton mess: the overzealous DA; the over (perhaps uber) protective lawyer; and the over-the-top Dutton children, each with a boatload of cash, vices, and overconfidence.

    It\'s sad when you dread arresting the prime suspects in your murder case.

    It\'s even sadder when none of them will listen to counsel and just shut the hell up.

    After listening to each one of those Duttons whine, complain, mouth off, and generally be their arrogant and annoying selves, you really had to feel for poor Bloom when he says his only regret is that he \"didn\'t kill those horrible children first.\" How he stood that family for as long as he did is the bigger mystery here. Hope Pops Dutton had a better head on his shoulders than the progeny did. If not, God help them.

    As a side note: it may be wise to read further into the closing conversation the eldest Dutton has with Brenda. Could the one who gets away show up on her doorstep in the future?

    Let\'s hope so. Hope she nails the bastard.

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