The Closer

Season 1 Episode 10

The Butler Did It

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2005 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Fans of the early Star Wars movies may recognize the voice of Clive Revill, who played the butler, Alfred. Revill supplied the voice of the Emperor in the original Star Wars and in The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Quotes

    • Devlin: Actually I was with a hustler that I met online. Give me a pen, I'll give you his number.

      Brenda: How long were you with this guy? A matter of hours? Days?
      Devlin: More a matter of inches. 8 to be exact. (To Sanchez) Don't get insecure.

    • Provenza: (To Brenda) Don't drive mad!

    • (Brenda climbs and jumps over the wall)
      Provenza: (to Gabriel) I don't climb.

    • Brenda: Thank yewww.

    • Brenda: ...We are running him down the flagpole and that's all that there is to it. If you want to examine the body, you may do so after I'm done.

      (Albert's body comes crashing through the window)

      Brenda: I'm done.

    • Provenza: (After Albert's body crashed through the window) I'm glad he's dead, 'cause that would have really hurt.

    • Yates: Look, we got off on the wrong foot yesterday.
      Brenda: Maybe that's because it was in your mouth.

    • Coroner: That's disturbing.
      Brenda: Was I right?
      Coroner: That's what's disturbing.

    • Yates: Are you sure you don't want to wait for your lawyer?
      Dennis: I'm perfectly capable of ignoring your questions without him.

    • Bloom: (after confessing to the murder) I'm really sorry that I never got the opportunity to knock off those horrible children. (pause) Is there a chance I could plead insanity?

    • Brenda: If you attempt to interview Dennis without me, not only will I release Deanna and Devlin, I'll help them escape.

    • Yates: I'll let you participate in this interview if you let me participate in yours.
      Brenda: I'm a little bit past the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" stage of life.

    • Brenda: That's your idea of an interview?! You just pick someone up and hope they tell you something?
      Yates: What's wrong with that?

    • Bloom: On Sunday at the time in question, Deanna was finishing up her 30-day detox at local rehab. She just got out yesterday morning.
      (Deanna vomits into the toilet)
      Brenda: I hope you kept the receipt.

    • Provenza: Ok, everybody; mark the date. (Long pause) I was wrong.

    • Brenda: Oh, God; I can't believe it. I've got to arrest those awful Dutton children again.

    • Bloom: (after confessing to the murder) I'm really sorry that I never got the opportunity to knock off those horrible children. Is there any chance I could plead insanity?

    • Dennis: Is it too much to hope that you and I might cross paths again one day?
      Brenda: Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Dutton.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: March 13, 2007 on Prima

    • This is the first episode where Brenda interacts with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office. The Los Angeles County District Attorney is responsible for all felony prosecutions in the county, and his staff of over 900 Deputy District Attorneys handle misdemeanor prosecutions in nearly 80 cities county-wide.

      The DA's office also includes a staff of nearly over 250 investigators, the fourth largest law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County, who are charged with witness location and supplemental pre-trial investigation. The DA's headquarters is located at 210 W. Temple, about four blocks from Parker Center. (Among the consultants for The Closer is former District Attorney Gil Garcetti.)

    • The Frolic Room, where Sanchez meets and arrests Devlin Dutton, is an old Hollywood landmark still in operation today. Located near Hollywood and Vine, it was once the watering hole for the biggest Hollywood stars of the late 30's, 40's and 50's. Featured in numerous films, including L.A. Confidential, the bar is best known for its Al Hirschfeld mural of Hollywood luminaries who socialized there in its heyday.

    • J.K. Simmons (Asst. Chief Pope), Robert Gossett (Capt. Taylor), Tony Denison (Det. Flynn) and Jon Tenney (Fritz Howard) do not appear in this episode. However, there were several scenes including these characters that were later cut from the episode.

      The Season One DVD include a series of deleted scenes involving a gathering of the high command at the LAPD, including Assistant Chief Pope and Captain Taylor, to which Brenda has not been invited. Brenda apparently learns of it (we don't see this) and confronts Will, who assures her she just missed an invitation. She and Fritz arrive ahead of the appointed time, to find the all-male group having dinner, still having excluded her. Brenda puts on a brave face, and heads for the bar to wait for the dinner to conclude. There she laments the lack of respect she receives from the upper echelons as she gets drunker and drunker. Eventually, she leaves without ever having joined the group, but not before having an awkward conversation with Pope and Taylor.

  • Allusions

    • Devlin: Looks like you're left with Dennis the Menace.

      This is an allusion to the famous cartoon character, a young blond boy in a striped shirt and overalls with a penchant for mischief, often to the annoyance of his neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Dennis the Menace first appeared in as a newspaper comic strip in 1951, drawn by Hank Ketcham. Dennis has also appeared in both live-action and animated TV series and a 1993 movie.

    • Provenza: I've waited my whole career to say this: The butler did it.

      The title of this episode refers to an old cliché from British and American drawing room mysteries, particularly those involving the wealthy. In fact, the phrase is so commonly used it has become a bit of a joke, as Lt. Provenza demonstrated early in this episode.