The Closer

Season 2 Episode 10

The Other Woman

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on TNT
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Rated: TV-14-LV
The PHD must deal with a case of mistaken identity in order to get to the bottom of an investigation.
While they're busy with the case, Brenda is involved in a different case: Pope's divorce. After being called to testify, Brenda finds that both her career and reputation are on the line.


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  • what was that gift!?!

    Pope is the one to call in a favor this time, asking Brenda to be a character witness in his custody battle with his ex. Turns out she does not really want the kids, just wants to get back at Pope (which is funny as she was the one that had the affair). Well trouble pops up when the wife turns of love letters from Brenda to Pope. It does not seem to matter that they were from way back when. Brenda is now worried that her testimony will get out and compromise her position at LAPD. Pope hires her the best lawyer in LA and he takes the unopened gift from Pope so there is no conflict of interest…and I really wanted to know what it was!! The lawyer works his magic and gets her testimony sealed – so their secret is safe for now.moreless
  • Provenza: "Whatever happened to good old-fashioned alcohol? I mean, sure, it rots your liver and you're a pain in the ass at parties, but it takes you twenty years before you look as bad as this girl."moreless

    We watched today as a drug addiction destroyed the life of not only the junkie but also the lives of multiple other people. It turned two parents stone cold, it drew a brother to drastic measures putting him in jail, and it resulted in the death of an innocent woman (yeah, I know she was performing identity theft, but she still didn’t deserve to die). Gennifer was selfish and only cared about herself. Not about the struggle she was putting her parents through, not about all the effort her family put into helping her rehabilitate. It’s hard to imagine what would draw a brother to kill his sister, but with such a self-centered sister as Gennifer the writers made it seem believable.

    There seemed to be some true tension between Brenda and the LAPD today. Brenda and Taylor have been acting way too civilized lately, and it was only a matter of time before a case brought out their alternate agendas. Brenda and her team deserved to be pissed off about Narcotics feeding them fake information, because not only did they disobey a direct order but they also wasted valuable time in an investigation. I wonder if the writers are setting us up for a showdown between Priority Homicide and the LAPD in the season finale.

    Brenda and Pope's past began to leak out today, as evidence of their affair is discovered during Brenda’s testimony in Pope’s custody hearing. I found it ironic that Brenda was so afraid her team would find out and loose their respect for her, when a year ago she couldn't have given a damn what they thought. How funny though that out of all the lawyers in LA, Brenda has to contend with sleazy Tom Blanchard. He was able to get her out of a sticky situation though, and he is a fun character so I enjoyed having him back.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Brenda: "Mr. Blanchard, are you honestly tryin' to tell me how to conduct myself in an interview?!"

    Tom Blanchard: "Ms. Johnson, you are about to enter a room where you don't get to ask the questions."

    - I loved Brenda taking a box of Pope's daughter's fund raising cookies every time she left his office. Lt. Tao's expression was priceless when he saw Brenda eating the cookies and breaking the sweet's ban, while he's stuck eating carrots and celery.

    - No Det. Daniel's in this episode.

    - I really liked the episode, but I’m beginning to worry about The Closer’s formula becoming a bit predictable (I guessed ahead that it was the brother); they need to shake it up a bit.

    - The title the other woman, refers not only to the mistaken identity case but also Brenda's role as Pope's "other woman" when they had their affair.

    Final Rating: The customary good Closer episode. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Brenda puts a lot on the line!

    This show was really one of the best shows of season nine and it gives a lot more to the relationship between Fritz and Brenda as Brenda is called to the witness stand with Fritz's divorce looming in the way.

    It opens a lot of wounds as well as Brenda's career and personal life is on the line to help Fritz!

    Well acted and written IMO!
  • Developments, Precariousness, Writing

    Unusual developements, especially when Pope asked Brenda if she was going to say anything to Fritz. HMMMM

    Excellent job on the writers part showing us the precarious line that Brenda walks with her team. The tensions range from low to high to low to high, and the writers do an excellent job of that.

    I just love the way that there's some bits of humor that sneak into the show too, it makes it more human, less textbook and cookie cutter.

    I think the cast, writers and crew are doing an exellent job at keeping us in suspence and very much entertained.moreless
  • "The Other Woman," indeed...

    The title for this episode is just brimming with entendre.

    There's "The Other Woman" in that the intended victim was mistaken for someone else.

    There's "The Other Woman" in that the victim was trying to "become" other people---literally.

    And then there's "The Other Woman" in the more familiar sense; namely, one "other woman" (Brenda) was being deposed by another "other woman" (Estelle) at the Pope's custody hearing.

    Interesting how the sleazeball lawyer brought that up.

    On to other topics, though----such as the horrific side show the PHD's case became. It really goes to show that addiction (in any form) destroys more than just the addict themselves. Was I the only one feeling sorry for the brother and the mailman by the end of all this?

    Then there's that lawyer. Of all the people in L.A. to represent her, and they had to get the slimeball lawyer to the powerfully rich and famous. On the other hand, it shut Estelle up...

    So what was that present, anyway? I had a feeling it would turn back up, but I wasn't prepared for it to become lost "evidence." She's never gonna forgive him for not telling her...

    And those cookies. Pope's gonna owe his kid's school an awful lot in cookie money. What's even more amusing is that what Brenda didn't eat, her team (all men this week, huh) thoughtfully hid from her to save her from her own addictions.

    I found it touching that Brenda was concerned about losing the trust of her team. It is something she worked very hard to obtain, but the irony is, the team already KNOWS about her relationship with Fritz (duh) and I'm fairly certain they have heard the rumors about her and Pope. What's scary is that of all involved, only Taylor would use this information against her---that is, if the likes of Gabriel, Provenza, Flynn, and Tao will even LET him use it.

    Unsettling, but a stand-up episode.

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Assistant Police Chief Will Pope

Corey Reynolds

Corey Reynolds

Sgt. David Gabriel

Robert Gossett

Robert Gossett

Commander Russell Taylor

G.W. Bailey

G.W. Bailey

Detective Lt. Louis Provenza

Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Detective Lt. Andy Flynn

Jon Tenney

Jon Tenney

FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard

Ray Wise

Ray Wise

Tom Blanchard

Guest Star

Raphael Sbarge

Raphael Sbarge

Derek Draper

Guest Star

Jason Butler Harner

Jason Butler Harner

Sammy Rawley

Guest Star

Phillip P. Keene

Phillip P. Keene

Buzz Watson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Gabriel describes Sammy as driving north on the 405 freeway from Newport Beach to Los Angeles. Newport Beach is a wealthy, conservative community in northern Orange County. The main arterial freeway between Orange County and much of Los Angeles is Interstate 405 (or as it's known locally, "the 405"). The 405 follows the coastline northwest through Long Beach and western Los Angeles, connecting with freeways leading to the communities surrounding LA as well as to downtown LA before meeting Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles.

      In reality, Sammy would not likely have used the 405 for his whole trip, but instead exited onto I-110, another arterial freeway, which would have taken him to US-101, the freeway that bisects Hollywood, where Gennifer lived.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Provenza: Whatever happened to good old-fashioned alcohol? I mean, sure, it rots your liver and you're a pain in the ass at parties, but it takes you twenty years before you look as bad as this girl.

    • Brenda: Mr. Blanchard, are you honestly tryin' to tell me how to conduct myself in an interview?!
      Blanchard: Ms. Johnson, you are about to enter a room where you don't get to ask the questions.

    • Provenza: (to Taylor) You heard me - get out of my way!
      Taylor: You'd better calm yourself, old man. And remember who you're talking to.
      Provenza: And you'd better watch that "old man" crap. And you'd better remember that I don't answer to you!
      Taylor: None of you answer to anyone - that's your damn problem!

    • Brenda: Lt. Tao, how are we doing on our victim's next of kin?
      Tao: Not good.
      Gabriel: Why's that?
      Tao: Marianne's not her real name. In fact, I think she's an identity thief.
      Brenda: Oh, for Heaven's sake!

    • Pike: We've been, um, sort of using Gennifer as a CI for the last year and a half. We flipped her.
      Brenda: You "flipped" her? Where? On her head?

    • Lt. Flynn: (noticing Brenda has three boxes of cookies in her hands in the "no sugar" zone) Chief, uh, you want me to hold some of those boxes for you?
      Brenda: No, thank you.

    • Pope: I haven't been in L.A. that long myself. You're the only person here who really knows me, besides the Chief. I promise I would not ask you to do this under any other circumstance. But Brenda, this is my kids.
      Brenda: (attacking a box of cookies on Pope's desk with vigor) Okay.
      Pope: Thank you.
      Brenda: But I'm getting the most expensive lawyer in the city and you're paying for it.
      Pope: Done. (Brenda continues to wolf down more cookies from Pope's desk) Oh, I'm selling those for my son's school; it's a charity thing.
      Brenda: (giving Pope a look) You're not askin' me to pay for these cookies, are you?
      Pope: No.
      (Brenda grabs two more boxes of cookies off of Pope's desk)

    • Brenda: (Responding to her beeper, which has just gone off) I'm sorry. There's been a murder. I have a crime scene to get to.
      Estelle: Ms. Johnson, I haven't finished asking my questions...
      Brenda: But I've finished answering them.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: June 12, 2007 on Prima

    • The "Tom Blanchard" character is a composite based on a number of LA-based very high-profile attorneys who specialize in handling celebrity cases, such as Mark Geragos, Thomas Mesereau and Robert Shapiro.

    • Gennifer's drug of choice was crystal meth a crystalline street form of the prescription drug methamphetamine. Initially, use of crystal meth brings on a sense of euphoria along with a heightened feeling of alertness and lucidity. However, the long-term effects include hallucinations, paranoia, mood swings and rages, pain inhibition and nervous repetitive behaviors - all of which Gennifer exhibited. Although not physically addictive, crystal meth is highly psychologically addictive. Generally crystal meth is produced in clandestine mobile "meth labs," and one common route of distribution has been by biker gangs, thus Gennifer's connection to them in the story.


    • Brenda: Commander, can I speak to you privately in Chief Pope's office?
      Provenza: (After they leave) Off to the Vatican.

      This is another example of many references to The Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church who resides in Vatican City, and is a play on words to Assistant Police Chief Will Pope's name.

    • Gennifer had just been released from rehab in Palm Springs just prior to the murder that opened the episode. No doubt this alluded to the best known rehab facility in the area, the Betty Ford Center at the Eisenhower Medical Center in tony Rancho Mirage, immediately south of Palm Springs. The Betty Ford Center, named for President Gerald Ford's wife, who founded it, has long been a rehab center of choice for wealthy, high-profile patients, particularly since Elizabeth Taylor's stay in the late 80's. Recently, its low-frills approach has seen it fall from favor among celebrities but take on much more difficult cases, such as Gennifer's.

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