The Closer

Season 7 Episode 3

To Serve with Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Provenza agrees to serve papers to a man named Hershbaum who has been found guilty of money-laundering. Provenza gets Flynn to help him track down the man, who is hiding out in a hotel room. They need someone to track the man's mobile number so Buzz is recruited into the scheme as well.

The three track down the man and go to serve the papers, with video of the serving taken as proof for the lawyer who hired Provenza. When they return to Buzz's car, they notice that one of the taillights is shattered. Another shocker, the man they served papers to suddenly plummets down on the car.

Provenza and Flynn try to keep this incident from Brenda, but she finds out about it anyway. It's the worst time for this to happen because the team is currently under a transparency audit, and keeping any sort of secret doesn't reflect well on the group. They discover that the man they thought was "Hershbaum" was actually a hired imposter.

Brenda suspends Provenza and Flynn from the force, which leaves them free to track down the real Hershbaum as private citizens. They discover that the lawyer murdered Hershbaum, hiring Provenza to track him down so that he could shoot him dead.