The Closer

Season 7 Episode 4

Under Control

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on TNT

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  • Intense...The reason I watch The Closer.

    SPOILER ALERT: This episode shows us another side of Lt. Mike Tao, as we are introduced to his son [Kevin] & his wife. Kevin is a camp counsellor and one of the nine-year old boys disappears. The parents of the missing boy [Eric] are divorced and the mom has primary custody. The dad doesn't like that situation because the mom has a live-in boyfriend. Eric's bike is found but still no Eric. While searching in a police helicopter, Julio sees the child floating face down in a pool. When they get to the child he is dead. The autopsy cause of death is not by drowning...he had a chocolate bar and a purple sports drink in his stomach that contained a mixture of Soma [muscle relaxer] and Vicodin [narcotic]. Eric died of an overdose of those two medications. The boyfriend has a prescription for both those. The mom is questioned...but it is the father that killed the son. He killed him so the mom couldn't have him. Lt. Tao takes it terribly hard, as he is having a debate regarding his 16-yr old son and allowing him to get his driver's license. When Kevin says to Tao "you have to let me go sometime", Tao takes him into a huge hug and tells him, "No I don't. I will never let you go." Brenda was standing just around the corner and heard him, which is what made her figure out the killer.

    This is an episode that you must not miss. It was GREAT.