The Closer

Season 7 Episode 1

Unknown Trouble

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on TNT

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  • hahaha

  • Great start to a final (unfortunately) season.

    Another wonderful start to a season of The Closer, which unfortunately will be the last one. The death of the new chief came as a complete surprise to me, as well as the previews showing us his replacement (Pope). Another surprise is how low other people are rating this episode, which had some really cool twists and turns.

    The lawsuit isn't unexpected given her behavior in the last episode of last year, yet at the same time, it is understandable. I really do suspect she'll come out smelling OK, as her visible acts are clearly by the book. While her actions could have been better, they were within what was necessary and proper. She returned him to his home per his request.

    I'm not sure who will replace Pope, but given how he cares for Brenda and how well she works out for him, I don't think it should be an issue. Yet, the writers might cause her issues given the need to spice things up. One thought is to actually promote her to three stars (to be Asst. Chief of Police) and have her continue reporting to Pope. There isn't any real reason why Major Crimes couldn't have a three star Chief in charge of it. Taylor could then get his second star (well instead of going from one to three stars).

    The previews shows Fritz giving Brenda his concern about Pope, which does open up some interesting avenues. Another thought is to have Brenda leave the L.A.P.D by the end of the series. She and Fritz could move to DC and she could end up working for Homeland Security or back to the CIA or even to the FBI. He skills are useful in so many areas.

    I really am looking forward to this season and know my hope for more than the normal number of episodes won't happen, but one can hope. I'd love to see 22 or 26 final episodes, but hey, I just can't get enough of this fun and exciting series.
  • omg....

    The Closer is one of my FAVORITE TV shows! That is why I'm so pissed that this was such a poor episode!!
    The biggining was irritating LONNnnngggg....I though the rap would never end. There were no surprises if you listened to the words of the "song" cough cough!! It points right at the ex boyfriend. They sure played it ENOUGH. I just LOVE this show and ALL the characters....just hope it isn't a sign of what the rest of the season will be like. This is off the subject of the episode.....I always wondered what the gift was that Pope gave Brenda in the first season.....remember...she never opened it and just put it in her desk drawer. It's probably a dead suject since she married Fritz....just hope they tell us before the show ends.
  • Unknown Trouble...Things are about to change.

    Brenda and the Major Crimes gang are called in on a multiple homicide scene in an upscale community. They find 7 victims. Gabriel ends up knowing two of the victims (brothers)...their father is the Deacon at his church. One of the brothers in an up and coming rapper and his brother is his manager. Flynn finds a briefcase full of cash in the upstairs bedroom of one of the brothers. One of the suspects is under investigation for laundering cash by a joint task force of the LAPD and the FBI so Fritz comes to ask Brenda why they want to talk to him. Brenda also finds out that she is being sued for wrongful death, along with the LAPD, because of "T-Ball's" murder (from last season). She offers/threatens to quit but Delk tells her he'll hang the whole case around her neck. The killer is caught. The FBI gets the money. Delk comes to apologize and collapses before he can. The episode ends with Brenda calling for the EMTs "Officer Down" and the guys trying to give CPR. GREAT EPISODE. It's looking like a great final season for Brenda Leigh!