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Tune in to The Colbert Report, as Stephen Colbert, from The Daily Show gives his own take on the issues of the day, and more importantly, to tell you why everyone else's take is just plain wrong. The series is intended to be a parody of Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Joe Scarborough, etc. The series airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30 pm EST and re-airs several times a day.
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  • Funny show, not meant to be as political as the Daily Show though...

    I find both Colbert and Stewart funny in general but many don't seem to know that Colbert is playing a character. He portrays a Republican in his show but that is part of his "shtick". Stewart is known as a liberal but will call out liberal media on their faults. I find both amusing, but I got to Colbert if I just want to laugh...and not take anything seriously at all. If you want any serious based political satire, head to the Daily Show. As for me, I watch both and continue to laugh at the 2 party system... *HUGE LOL!moreless
  • Excellent Show

    Satire is often a form of communication that is beyond some, Steven speaks this special language to his fans. Not only does he make one laugh but he also teaches. Wonderful show.
  • Sucky show! No other words work

    This show is 100 times worse than the Daily Show with Jon Stewart which is actually funny. This show is unfunny and the host should go back to working under a man who is funny. This host is not fuuny and does not deserve any place on Tv. At least when working for Jon he did not have to put out his own unfunny humor on to the world. This Show really sucks and will never be good until they replace that worthless host. I suggest getting Jon Stewart to do that show as well. At least he wont screw it up.moreless
  • A Daily Show knockoff that is completely useless. Colbert hosts this show with a self-centered egotistical attitude. The jokes come across as forced and the interviews are horrible. How on earth is this still on the air?moreless

    I tuned into to this show in hopes of finding another \\\\\\\"daily show.\\\\\\\" Colbert was one of my favorite characters off The Daily Show. However, what I have found after watching a good number of episodes is that this show is a compltete waste of airtime.

    For example, when Colbert introduces his guests (who are at best Z-list celebs) the camerea instead focuses on Colbert who runs in front of the crowd acting as if they are clapping for him and not the guest. The camerea never even sees the guest until hothead Colbert sits back down. If I were a guest on this show I would be completely offended. Afterall, no guests=no show.

    The jokes on this show are horrible. Colbert seems to force every single punchline. No joke comes across natural. The only reason anyone laughs is because of the Laugh cue given by the producers. I dont understand why anyone even watches this. The only reason I do is because I hope that the show will get better, but it hasnt!

    Colbert is full of himself and treats every guest on the show like they are an idiot. He pokes fun at everything they say. He interupts them constantly when it looks like they might actually have a point to make. If its not his way its the highway.

    AWFUL SHOW!!!!!moreless
  • it's just another sad and pathetic attempt to force his beliefs on people, because he doesn't think his beliefs can stand for themselves.

    I have heard people who are fans of his even say that about him forcing beliefs down peoples throats. That is a big part of it, but I jsut don't find him funny, in fact I think the other part is due that he can't think up any real material and that is what he like alot of the less talented comedians use. I think he is a bit of a hack, but I'm not saying that he doesn't have his moments of being funny, even though they seem to me to be few and far between. That is my reason for not watchign his show, but he is on the right network for that kind of hacky comedy, unfortunantly comedy central has a bunch of those types, and might want to think about changing the comedy part of their title.moreless

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