The Colbert Report

Season 2 Episode 6

Andrew Sullivan

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Jan 17, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Stephen calls out Steve Carell.

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from prophets to Eminem.

    Stephen starts off the show by getting right into the Golden Globe award show, and he decides to point out Steve Carrell is gay, which of course is a lie.

    Stephen then moves on to news about how junk food is hurting us physically and mentally. Stephen suggests eating the BLT, a theme from last night's program. He also mentions how he's a big fan of Pat Robertson's shake. If you remember, Stephen wasn't a big fan of the shake when he tried it on an episode of The Daily Show a while back. Stephen then decides to try Pat's new product, a pancake mix, which makes Stephen talk like Pat. After trying the pancakes, Stephen shows a news clip about Pat Robertson and then another clip of Mayor Ray Nagel speaking in New Orleans. This brings us to tonight's edition of "The Word", which is "Old School." Stephen insists God is now doing things old school in the ways of the punishment.

    Back from commercial, Stephen starts another "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" segment. Paul Martin gets a "Tip of the Hat" for unleashing negative advertisements against his opponent. Oregon gets a "Wag of the Finger" for their suicide law, while the Supreme Court gets a "Tip of the Hat" for upholding Oregon's suicide law. Stephen then gives Eminem a "Tip of the Hat" for remarrying Kim Mathers, and then gives him a "Bonus Tip" for reuniting with his muse.

    Back from commercial, Stephen welcomes tonight's guest, Andrew Sullivan. The primary topic for their discussion was the differences between being heterosexual and homosexual.

    Back from commercial, Stephen ends the show with another taped conversation with Wilford Brimley. Brimley congratulates Colbert on "truthiness" being named the word of the year.

    The ending for tonight's episode was likely the biggest disappointment. These "conversations" are ridiculous and pointless. I'd rather see something else.