The Colbert Report

Season 7 Episode 102

Anthony Bourdain

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Aug 04, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stephen opens the show talking about it being President Obama's 50th birthday but he's not buying it, because all Presidents are born in February. And of course Sean Hannity bitches about the party. The President has a history of celebrating birthdays when after disaster strikes, like when the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened he had the nerve to turn 3 years old.

Moving on, Super PAC time. Since two kids wanted to know what the PAC stood for, Stephen passed the buck onto us and asked for suggestions and 40,000 answers later the team of not children are still sorting through them. Some suggestions: making the rich pay more taxes (delete) & smacking slow people in the back of the head. Stephen then talks about the people who've donated, include some of the fake names. People have asked how much money he's gotten, but he doesn't have to answer that now. Instead, he mentions that other PACs are spending money in the Wisconsin recall elections. But the absentee ballots are completely screwed up.

Back from commercial, it's time for the Sport Report. In Baseball two records for futility from the early 1900's are being….challenged…and could be broken: No hits in 46 at bats and low batting average of .139. And the guy batting .199 is the designated hitter. And MLB lost a bet and Stephen gets to take control of the MLB's twitter feed.

Back from commercial, Stephen interviews Anthony Bourdain.

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