The Colbert Report

Season 3 Episode 112

Bjorn Lomborg

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Sep 10, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • $17,200!!!

    Though done tongue in cheek, the sale of the cast, signed by many, was a nice touch. $17,200 goes a long way. For the viewers, even better than the donation, the bits featuring Stephen getting his cast signed was frickin' hilarious!!! He even got Pelosi to sign and she has encouraged many to stay away from him. Fantastic! I love that she even refuses to apologize or come on his show...hahaha. Nice exchange between him and Katie Couric. I'm still not sure where he was going with the kind of went over my head...but I'm sure it's funny. I just laughed at her reaction. I also loved Snow and Colbert. Sometimes, I view people in authority positions as inaccessible (go figure!?!) but here we have Snow stepping down from the pedastal to participate in this bit. Kudos to him. O'Reilly-Daily Coast-Oh Colbert! Williams...the giant head on The Daily Show...and now on Colbert. "I would give anything for just a little bit of that." Williams, "You got it today...the magic."
    Great episode. Love it!
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