The Colbert Report

Season 2 Episode 23

David Brooks

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Feb 23, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Stephen discusses the death penalty and medicare.

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from the Katrina report to lethal injections.

    Stephen starts off the show by mentioning how he forgot to mention bears in last night's edition of "The Threatdown." He says he thought that since they were hibernating, it wasn't necessary to list it. Unfortunately, it seems a bear crashed a hockey game, injuring people. Because of this, Stephen introduces a bonus edition of "The Threatdown", which has only one threat, which is, of course, bears.

    Stephen moves on to the report that the White House released about the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Not agreeing with the report, Stephen displays a little graphical report of his own.

    Stephen then moves on to the news about two doctors who refused to oversee death penalty proceedings. This brings us to tonight's edition of "The Word," which is "Hippocratical." Stephen goes off on a rant on the death penalty and how we need an actual group of people to oversee the death proceedings, since not all doctors believe in the death penalty.

    Back from commercial, Stephen discusses the complex medicare health plan, and then shows clips of Senators attacking the plan because they believe the winners in this plan are the pharmaceutical companies. Stephen rolls a clip from the Prescott Group. The video, narrated by Ed Helms, is very pro-pharmaceutical company.

    Back from another commercial, Stephen welcomes tonight's guest, David Brooks. They debate port security, something Stephen's got mixed feelings about.

    Tonight's episode was fairly average; the interview with David Brooks wasn't especially funny. The video from the Prescott Group was one of my favorite segments.
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