The Colbert Report

Season 3 Episode 115

Ed Begley Jr

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Sep 13, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • Stephen's last show before the Emmy's

    OMG I love Stephen Colbert mucho!!!He definitely should have won an Emmy. Ugh Tony Bennett!!! But I digress. I thought it was hilarious that Mother Teresa didn't believe in God. I mean it's freakin Mother Teresa!!! Haha I love the line that Stephen says about God. "If God doesn't exist then who's bowling when it thunders?" Oh yeah and the "Emmy Please" line....classic Colbert!!! yeah to me the rest of the show could not top the beginning. So yeah this isn't really a spoiler....lucky you. I'm still mad about the whole Emmy thing but at least it's only the 3rd season of the Colbert Report meaning lots and lots of more episodes : )