The Colbert Report

Season 2 Episode 57

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM May 02, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Great guest!

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from immigrant rallies to obesity.

    Stephen starts off tonight's show by mentioning he ate lunch in the park today because of the great weather. He saw something that truly scared him, David Blaine training for a stunt in a globe of salt water in the park.

    Stephen then moves on to to the issue of obesity, a problem with many Americans. Mike Huckabee has lost over 100 pounds recently and is encouraging others to do the same. This brings us to tonight's edition of "The Word," which is "Healthy Appetite". Stephen's opposed to the recent studies, which suggest drinking fewer sodas and eating fewer candy bars. He suggests the fatter we get, the larger our cars need to be, employing more people, which is good for the economy. Just imagine what would happen to the "yo-momma" joke industry!

    Back from commercial, Stephen tells us that most of his staff didn't show up. It seems he employs immigrants, and they were out joining in the rallies. It seems Stephen had to drive himself home, undress himself, and make himself a bowl of breakfast. Staying on the topic of jobs Stephen can do himself, he shows an audition tape he made for applying for the White House Press Secretary opening. Unfortunately, the job went to FOX News reporter, Tony Snow. The video shows him battling reporters and being stalked by reporter Helen Thomas.

    Back from commercial, Stephen welcomes tonight's guest, Mike Huckabee. Most of their interview is centered on weight loss. They end with a suggestion that Stephen and the governor run for President together.

    I really liked tonight's show. The worst segment was the press secretary audition. I saw it when it was originally used during the White House Correspondents Association dinner, and I thought it was mediocre then as I do now. It was a bit ridiculous, frankly. The interview, however, made up for that segment's quality. The end of the interview was great. Stephen and Mike Huckabee are great together. Mike has always had a great sense of humor and is great for a show like this!