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Season 2 Episode 95

Joe Quesada

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Jul 27, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Joe Quesada
Tonight Stephen welcomes Joe Quesada, editor in chief for Marvel Comics.

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      • Stephen: In its over 200-year history, [The White House] has been attacked three times. Once in 1814, when it was gutted by British and Canadian soldiers. Once in 1841,when it was stormed by Whig party leaders, and constantly since 1851, when the New York Times was founded.

      • Stephen: The answer is tonight's Word: Secretary-General Bolton. Best way to judge John Bolton is by listening to what those who work with him have to say. ("He always wore his moustache net") Like the Swiss Ambassador who says Bolton's efforts are quote: "…oriented not at improving the United Nations, but at belittling and weakening it." Or the Ambassador from Peru who says "He lives in another world with this belief that he is morally superior…" Or Press Secretary Tony Snow who just today said Bolton is "…building alliances on a range of issues." They're all right. Ambassador Bolton is building alliances, he's bringing the whole world together in their opposition to him. (Global scorning) That's why Bolton should not only be confirmed the U.N. should give him the top job. Kofi Anan's leaving the U.N. December 31st, (To host "Kofi's Rockin' New Year's Eve") and you know I can't think of anyone better to replace him. (Stephen can't name anyone else at U.N.) Let's face it, for better or even better, we run the world. (Into the ground) Giving us the U.N Secretary-Generalship just makes is official, plus the U.N has a lot of problems and Bolton's got some interesting ideas on how to fix it. (Like you fix a dog) He once said quote "There is no such thing as the United Nations." (Spoiler Alert!) And he also said if the U.N. secretary building in New York lost ten stories is would not make a bit of difference. (Except to the elevator guy) That is bold leadership that builds moral. You see, if you destroy an institution logically it no longer has any problems. (No U.N., no cry) You don't hear about Enron having any problems anymore, Ken Lay & Jeff Skillings solved that! (And lived happily ever after) Same thing if we get rid of the U.N. And for America, it's a win-win. (For others boom-boom) We won't have to pay off our billion dollar U.N. debt, (Instead pay for one week of the war) we also won't have to listen to what any other countries have to say. (Off to a good start) So to the U.N. General Assembly I say let John Bolton bring you together by tearing you apart. (Save global village by destroying it)

        And that's the Word.

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