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The Colbert Report

Season 1 Episode 5

Lou Dobbs

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Oct 24, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Lou Dobbs
TONIGHT: Stephen Colbert welcomes host of Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lou Dobbs!

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  • The show is still consistently funny, what more can you say?

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from Harriet Myers to Hurricane Wilma

    Stephen starts off by discussing Hurricane Wilma, and then moves onto the fact that he can't get the big guests. Stephen proceeds to use footage from Meet the Press and FOX News and "interviewed" a few people which were featured there.

    Stephen then moved on to the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Myers. Tonight's word is "Pussy". The Bush administration is quietly discussing pulling out of the nomination of Harriet Myers, since the confirmation hasn't gone so well. Stephen ended up comparing this to the war in Iraq.

    Back to the show, Stephen welcomes Lou Dobbs of Lou Dobbs Tonight. Stephen and Lou discussed immigration and the outsourcing of jobs, two issues Lou brings up on his show all the time.

    Back to the show, Stephen discussed the reanimation of dead people. Stephen wanted to poll the audience to see who we should bring back, or leave them dead. They decided to bring back Tomás de Torquemada, who started the Spanish Inquisition. Charles Darwin was suggested to be brought back to retract his theory of evolution, and be put back to death. Dave Thomas, from Wendy's was decided to be left dead, much to the surprise of Stephen. After mentioning the Frosty, Stephen was able to convince the audience to bring him back.

    Before ending the show, Stephen pointed out the importance in a good mug shot.

    Overall, a pretty funny show, like the others so far. This show has been consistently funny from the start, which is very impressive. Tonight's interview with Lou Dobbs was actually somewhat interesting; Stephen did a very good job with that.moreless

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    • Stephen: It's time to jump down, turn around and pick a bale of Truth.

    • Stephen: …which happens to include tonight's Word: Pussy. As in: don't be a. A pullout now would be far worse than never nominating her at all. (Stay the course) Let's be fair. Did President Bush have the wrong intelligence on Harriet Miers? (Bad intelligence) Sure, the President was misled on the question of WMD. (Would Miers DO) And he underestimated the highly volatile religious factions that would rise up against the campaign. (Christ, Almighty) After the swift success of the John Roberts confirmation, how could any of us foreseen this quagmire. (Uh oh) The President was told that Miers would be greeted by cheering crowds throwing flowers at her feet. Now we've got a tough hard slog. Pussying out now would send a signal of weakness to the home grown insurgency trying to derail this process. If we stay the course, Bush can with this thing. (Thing) Just like Iraq, that thing's been a smashing success. (Iraq is smashing)

      And that's the Word.

    • Stephen Colbert: Perjury's not a real crime; it's just lying about a real crime. Like manslaughter. It's not murder; it's beating someone brutally in a drunken bar fight, and they just happen to die. You can't blame someone for that.

    • Stephen (To Charles Darwin): If you do not come back from the grave to be tortured to death, you sir, are a coward.

    • Stephen Colbert: (applause) That is like food to me.

    • Stephen Colbert: Just because it said "Stephen" in the show, it doesn't mean I wrote it.

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