The Colbert Report

Season 1 Episode 19

Matt Taibbi

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Nov 16, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Matt Taibbi
TONIGHT: Stephen Colbert welcomes author of "Spanking the Donkey", Matt Taibbi!

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  • Stephen interviews Mark Udall and Matt Taibbi.

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from a the Iraq war to Matt Taibbi.

    Stephen starts off by explaining why he's angry. Stephen is angry that the Congress has voted a bill Stephen doesn't agree with. This brings us to tonight's edition of "The Word", which is "Information". Stephen assures us that President Bush is doing a good job with the war in Iraq.

    Stephen moves on to a concert where the singer fell off the stage, injuring himself. After realizing that the reason he fell was one of his feet got caught up in the pant-cuff of his other leg

    Back from commercial, Stephen goes into another installment of "Better Know a District", which takes a look at the second district of Colorado. Stephen is then shown interviewing Congressman Mark Udall. Their discussion was mostly about skiing and the outdoors.

    Back from commercial, Stephen welcomes tonight's guest, Matt Taibbi. Their discussion revolved solely around Matt's reporting on various topics, from politics to the recent earthquakes in Pakistan.

    Yet another very good episode. Early on in the show, Stephen actually lost his composure and had to pause for a little bit while he laughed. This was my favorite moment.moreless

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    • Colbert: Get ready for authenticity, veracity, and verity. Someone's been reading a thesaurus.

    • Stephen: …that's why tonight's Word is: Information. Senate, you don't need information about the President's plan, President Bush is not a plan guy. He's close your eyes, drive by the seat of your pants kind of guy. (D.W.I.) He didn't do a lot of "homework" at Yale, he wrote his papers on the way to class, and you know what, he still passed. (Gentleman's "D") He didn't always "show up" for duty in the National Guard, but they gave him an honorable discharge. (Eat it Dan Rather!) He didn't "make money" with his oil companies, but they still found someone to buy them. (Uncle Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh) The American people obviously like Mr. Bush's management style, why else would they have voted for him? (Gay marriage) But Congress, for some reason (2006 elections) has decided it needs to look over the President's shoulder. That makes it very hard to govern a country. (Or urinate) Fellas, back in 2003 you had your chance to supervise the conduct of this war, but you authorized the President to do whatever he thought was right. (No take backs) Besides, information is overrated.

      Remember Vietnam? We had all sorts of information about Vietnam, body counts, casualties, and look how terribly that turned out. ["Good Morning Vietnam"] If we'd stayed the course in that war, kept our troops there for say, 25 years, Vietnam would be a valuable trading partner today. (Which it is) But there is now way Americans are going to let our President keep troops in Iraq for 25 years if they know he's going to keep troops there for 25 years. (Catch-25) So stop asking for his plans Senators, he clearly doesn't have one. (No how he rolls) Do you want him to just make bunch of stuff up? Because he will. (WMDs) I think the American people deserve more, (More) by which I mean less. (Less is more) Less information.

      And that's the Word.

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