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Season 2 Episode 22

Michael Eric Dyson

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Feb 22, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Michael Eric Dyson
TONIGHT: Stephen Colbert welcomes the author of Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina And the Color of Disaster, Michael Eric Dyson!

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  • Stephen talks to Michael Eric Dyson about the Katrina disaster.

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from port security to gay adoption.

    Stephen starts off the show by mentioning the Olympics, which has been getting poor ratings. Stephen comments on some of the skating athletes. Since Stephen can't show video of the Olympics because of the legal rights, Stephen has to make things up with a doll and a bong. He re-enacts a ridiculous press conference, wherein two teammates for the U.S. weren't very friendly to one another, to say the least.

    Stephen then moves on to the port security controversy. Should a foreign country secure our ports? The answer is found in tonight's edition of "The Word", which is "Absolutely maybe." Stephen goes on to offer a ridiculous opinion on the matter, and suggests that we just go along with whatever President Bush says.

    Back from commercial, Stephen introduces this week's edition of "The Threatdown." The number five threat is gay adoption. Stephen tells us some state governments have introduced legislation to ban gay adoption. Number four is knowledge. The national archives are reclassifying thousands of documents for some reason. Number three is jews. it seems a Jewish-run newspaper has called for anti-semitic cartoons to be drawn and published. The number two threat is cereal. Stephen mentions a cereal brand which has changed its name two or three times, making him suspicious. The number one threat this week is roommates. Stephen cites a story about one roommate who killed another roommate for running out of toilet paper. Stephen suggests buying toilet paper in bulk from Sam's Club.

    Back from commercial, we're greeted with a clip of Reverend Sharpton, who wishes Stephen a Happy Black History Month. Stephen then welcomes tonight's guest, Michael Eric Dyson, who has written a book about the racial makeup of those who suffered the most from the Hurricane Katrina disaster. They have an enjoyable and frank discussion on the Katrina disaster and how the Bush Administration's response only added to the disaster.

    This was another pretty good episode, although I admit I was distracted during part of it, as I was also watching a Modern Marvels episode, so I did miss a little. I caught most of the interview with Michael Eric Dyson, who I enjoy listening to from time to time. He's often featured on Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO.moreless

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    • Stephen: ...the answer is tonight's Word: Absolutely Maybe. I'm sorry, but I am passionately ambivalent on this one. There are different sides to this issue. To begin with, not all Arabs are terrorists, (some hate us peacefully) the security will still be controlled by the Coast Guard, (almost the Navy) and any damage done to the port will be damage to their own property. (Plus, who would miss Baltimore?) It makes perfect sense when you think about it. (Unlike Syriana) When you feel about it, it's so wrong: Arabs running our ports? That just sits wrong in my stomach. (Like bad babaganoush) I think the problem here is someone got to Bush's brain and they made him use it. We all know he's not a brain thinker. (Too "Nerd Patrol") He doesn't make decisions based on facts. (Makes facts based on decisions) He is more of a gut thinker, his whole Presidency is based on how things feel. (But not a "Feel Your Pain" way) Like, if a tax cut feels good in a time of unprecedented surplus it will feel great in a time of unprecedented deficit. We may have been attacked by a shadowy de-centralized non governmental organization but it feels right to take out Saddam. (Feels like mission accomplished)

      But this time, I hesitate to say this, but while Bush may in fact be right, it feels like Bush is wrong. Ohhh, that hurts my gut, because my gut tells me George Bush is always right. Oh God! That hurts my brain cause this is so clearly not the right gut political decision for him to have made. Oooh there's my gut again, Bush is right, nooo he's wrong, oh he's right, oh he can't both right and wrong at the same time. (Does Not Compute! Does Not Compute!) Or can He? Has he really gotten that advanced? Oh splendor it all coheres! It doesn't have to make sense to my head or my gut. (Or your bulletpoint) We just have to do what he says no matter what. Oh that's gonna make things a lot easier. There it is, Bush is right. Absolutely. (Maybe)

      And that's the Word.

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