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Season 4 Episode 51

Rep. Patrick Murphy

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Apr 17, 2008 on Comedy Central
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Rep. Patrick Murphy
Tonight Stephen welcomes Pennsylvania Congressman Rep. Patrick Murphy.

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  • Best half hour of comedy I've seen in a while

    Wow, what an episode! The Ben Franklin bit was lame as always but aside from that this episode rocked. I don't know how they managed to get not only John Edwards, but Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama, but I'm really glad they did.

    But lets start at the beginning. The show opened with one of the still not funny dialogs with "Ben Franklin". I get it, they are in Philly and want us to know it. (As if the massive graphics in the openening and the countless mentions weren't a clue!) Fortunately the rest of the episode more than made up for it.

    Then there was a badly contrived scene with Hillary Clinton fixing Stephen's screen and pretty much taking control of the show. Loved it. Maybe it's just me, but I think Hillary Clinton is most entertaining when she's really forcing herself to be funny. Adding to that was the fact that she clearly had no idea what all the technical terms mean. Still, you have to respect her for trying.

    It followed Stephen's review of the last Clinton vs. Obama debate. Meaningless questions for the candidates, the old "Does not wearing a flag pin make you unpatriotic?" and attributing other people's opinions to your own even though you barely know them. Not very new points, but highly entertaining.

    Next up was the regular guest, Congressman Patrick Murphy. He is the only member of Congress to have served in Iraq. ("I don't want you to think that just because you served in Iraq that you have a better idea of what should happen there than me.") Sadly this guest probably did not get the attention he deserved due to the big names in this episode, but that made the interview not less interesting and funny. Next was my favorite part of the show. "The word". Well, it wasn't really "the word" but the "edWords" since John Edwards did it. I have to admit, that someone other than Stephen doing "the word" worried me, but it turned out really great. (But don't make a habit out of it, okay?)

    He didn't take himself serious at all and let them get away with a lot more than the still running candidates. (for obvious reasons) Also Edwards may be the only person I know you can cover the different topics of universal health care, the working class, jet skies and his desire to become a spy in one speech. Gotta love him for that. *g*

    Last but not least the Report finished up with Barack Obama joining Stephen via satellite. ("Won't Senator Clinton be happy that she fixed our screen.") They talked about manufactured political distractions. Obama even put "distractions" on notice and acknowledge grizzly bears as the number one threat to America. Well played. This episode worked as well as it did because they managed to maintain the format of the show and still include the "special guests" in regular segments. (Clinton in the off screen "Jimmy" bit, Edwards in the "edWords", Obama with the "on notice board")

    If you like the show you really should watch this episode (the clips are all online on the Report's official site), if you don't know the show this is a great place to start and if you don't like the show, well, you won't like this episode either, because it's pure Colbert.moreless

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    • Barack Obama: Manufactured political distractions, you are officially on notice!

    • Stephen Colbert: (shows news clips about the strength of the white male vote in democratic primaries) Finally, America's white men are being heard and the candidates are attempting to address the issues important to the male Caucasian demographic, issues like drinking, bowling, and napping.

    • Stephen: But there is no one who truly speaks to the White, male, working class voter. There was John Edwards, but let's face it he's out of the race. Politically he's no longer a factor to be reckoned with. (Edwards comes out)
      John Edwards: I beg to differ, Stephen. And that brings us to tonight's Ed Words: Valued Voter: You know Stephen about While males playing an important role in this election. Their votes are being courted as a demographic tie breaker between these two tough candidates and no White male vote is being courted more vigorously than this one. (No offense, Al Gore) It is no secret that both campaigns have sought my support. So far I haven't decided which of these excellent candidates I'm going to endorse. On the one hand, I don't want to be seen as anti-hope. On the other hand I don't want James Carville to bite me. (Carville hasn't had shots) So who, who am I going to vote for in the next, last Primary, North Carolina? Well I'll support whoever presents a platform that's consistent with my values. (Universal haircare) I'll support the candidate who'll raise the federal minimum wage, somebody who'll fight for 37 million Americans who wake up in poverty every day. Somebody who'll protect the interest of working families, also I'd like a jet ski. They are so much fun, and I don't really care which kind, (Kawasaki 800 SXR) but those are pretty sweet. You know, Elizabeth & I love to go to the lake house in the summer and it would sure be fun to go jet skiing together. So I guess we'll actually need two jet skis.

      Which reminds me, there are two America's, one America that does the work and another that and one that reaps the rewards. (And a third one that gets rich suing the second on behalf of the first) Hey! Hey! (Sorry, had to do it) I understand what working folks go through. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but my father was a mill worker. (1,000,000th mention, (balloons drop)) So you know what? Let's get him a jet ski! No before anybody goes out there and saying all John Edwards cares about are jet skis, that is not true. I am deeply concerned about the lack of affordable heathcare in this country, the fact that we need to insure every single man, woman and child in America goes without saying. (Especially by McCain) But what does need to be said is that I will only support the candidate who promised to make me a spy. That would be so cool. I'd get to have all those high tech gadgets, (Pen that launches child-care tax credits) I want to go on an least one mission a month. And it should be someplace awesome like Prague or a moonbase. Although I'm willing to settle for Tahiti or the Riviera, anywhere there's a chance for a jet ski chase.

      But America should never settle for allowing so many to live in economic hardship. If we put our minds to it we could end poverty in 30 years. (Bush ended middle class in 8) I want my grandkids to be born in a world where true economic equality is no longer a goal for the future but a reality of the present. (Grandkids born in "Second Life") Oh, and I want my face on money, Secret Service protection for my dogs. And three new national holidays, Cate Day, Jack Day and Emma Claire Day. Okay kids, you can go to bed now. (Or else daddy won't get you a jet ski) So Barack, Hillary, if you want this White male vote you're going to show you care just as much about the things that really matter to me as I do. [Jet skis]

      And that is the Ed Word.

    • Stephen Colbert: (about Patrick Murphy) My guest tonight is the only member of Congress to have served in Iraq. Since he's back I assume we've won.

    • Stephen Colbert: (to Obama) Excuse me Senator, I can't hear you over the sound of you not wearing a flag pin. It's deafening.

    • Stephen Colbert: Could God create a rock so heavy He Himself could not know you're a secret Muslim?

    • Stephen Colbert: (about Hillary Clinton who told him to call anytime) I am going to call her at 3 a.m. I'm sure she left her cell phone number.

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