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  • Laughed a whole lot, good start, found out he's playing a character

    Random ep (14) COMEDY CENTRAL
  • Interested in being American?

    I see that some critics here do not keep up with politics, so obviously don't understand "The Colbert Report"! Quite sad and shameful, actually, because it means they probably also vote AGAINST themselves and their own families. It's hard to believe that many Americans actually fall for the slanderous propaganda in some of the media because it's easier than taking an interest and THINKING! They actually don't even understand why they were taught how to research in high school; they probably thought their teacher made them do a research paper just to be mean! Some brains actually never do learn how to THINK, I guess, which is pitiful because our democracy will be bought out right from under us before they wake up. Colbert is just a little too deep for those kinds of minds.
  • Hilarious

    I thought the simpsons was hilarious but this, although they can't compare, is more funny and made me laugh so hard. His republican character could be offensive to some but it's still funny. Watch it.

  • Funny show, not meant to be as political as the Daily Show though...

    I find both Colbert and Stewart funny in general but many don't seem to know that Colbert is playing a character. He portrays a Republican in his show but that is part of his "shtick". Stewart is known as a liberal but will call out liberal media on their faults. I find both amusing, but I got to Colbert if I just want to laugh...and not take anything seriously at all. If you want any serious based political satire, head to the Daily Show. As for me, I watch both and continue to laugh at the 2 party system... *HUGE LOL!
  • Excellent Show

    Satire is often a form of communication that is beyond some, Steven speaks this special language to his fans. Not only does he make one laugh but he also teaches. Wonderful show.
  • Sucky show! No other words work

    This show is 100 times worse than the Daily Show with Jon Stewart which is actually funny. This show is unfunny and the host should go back to working under a man who is funny. This host is not fuuny and does not deserve any place on Tv. At least when working for Jon he did not have to put out his own unfunny humor on to the world. This Show really sucks and will never be good until they replace that worthless host. I suggest getting Jon Stewart to do that show as well. At least he wont screw it up.
  • A Daily Show knockoff that is completely useless. Colbert hosts this show with a self-centered egotistical attitude. The jokes come across as forced and the interviews are horrible. How on earth is this still on the air?

    I tuned into to this show in hopes of finding another \\\\\\\"daily show.\\\\\\\" Colbert was one of my favorite characters off The Daily Show. However, what I have found after watching a good number of episodes is that this show is a compltete waste of airtime.

    For example, when Colbert introduces his guests (who are at best Z-list celebs) the camerea instead focuses on Colbert who runs in front of the crowd acting as if they are clapping for him and not the guest. The camerea never even sees the guest until hothead Colbert sits back down. If I were a guest on this show I would be completely offended. Afterall, no guests=no show.

    The jokes on this show are horrible. Colbert seems to force every single punchline. No joke comes across natural. The only reason anyone laughs is because of the Laugh cue given by the producers. I dont understand why anyone even watches this. The only reason I do is because I hope that the show will get better, but it hasnt!

    Colbert is full of himself and treats every guest on the show like they are an idiot. He pokes fun at everything they say. He interupts them constantly when it looks like they might actually have a point to make. If its not his way its the highway.

    AWFUL SHOW!!!!!
  • it's just another sad and pathetic attempt to force his beliefs on people, because he doesn't think his beliefs can stand for themselves.

    I have heard people who are fans of his even say that about him forcing beliefs down peoples throats. That is a big part of it, but I jsut don't find him funny, in fact I think the other part is due that he can't think up any real material and that is what he like alot of the less talented comedians use. I think he is a bit of a hack, but I'm not saying that he doesn't have his moments of being funny, even though they seem to me to be few and far between. That is my reason for not watchign his show, but he is on the right network for that kind of hacky comedy, unfortunantly comedy central has a bunch of those types, and might want to think about changing the comedy part of their title.
  • Not good at all.

    This is the exact same show as The Daily Show except with a much less funny host. Stephen Colbert is funny sometimes, but I don't understand how someone can play a supporting role on one show, and then get his own show doing the exact same stuff John Stweart does on The Daily Show. Also, most comedians are pretty liberal, but Colbert is liberal to a nauseating extent. John Stewart is a raging libby too, but at least he was the first one to do this type of show. There is nothing unique about The Colbert Report and I wish people would stop giving him so much credit.

    If this Steve Colbert guy was half as clever and funny as he thinks he is, he would still be just another stupid TV wise ass. If Colbert and his ilk actually think they have any clues for solving the country's problems and issues, they could all do us a service by getting involved in politics and fixing things. Instead, he just tries to make fun of everything and accomplishes nothing in the process. Sadly, too many young people take these fake news shows as their only source of information and never watch a real news show, never pick up a newspaper or news magazine and have no real idea of what's going on in the world except for what the comics tell them.
  • He comes across as a spoiled, rich, moronic, wanna be cool tough guy.

    When the show very first aired I thought it was great, but I think he developed some sort of a god complex. He thinks that anything he says and anything he does is funny. I agreee that his crowd only laughs because they are cued and it always sounds like canned laughter. Compared to Jon Stewart's crowds, Colbert's crowds look like they are fresh off the street and ushered in at the last minute. I wouldn't put it past him to enlist people to write good reviews for the show on this site. I can't believe that folks think this is a good show. I think all his success and longevity on TV is due to family connections, major butt kissing or through payoffs, because it definitely isn't due to talent. Even his book is garbage and it rated high in stands and once again I'd bet he bought up most of his own books for high ratings. That's the kind of stuff he admits to doing on his show. As most of the smarter people in the media do not appreciate his show, neither do I. He wasted whole shows on his stupid portait, many on his punkass wrist, his increasingly boring "that's the word" segment and his ridiculous cure all medication. I don't even mention his analysis of politics or news because that just utterly sucks. In finality, I'd like to get him in the ring and see how tough and manly he really is. I'd kick his ass.
  • By far one of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my life.


    NOTE: I won't score this show based on a rubric, as the this type of show doesn't really fit into it.

    If anyone can see good humor, than they can know that the Colbert Report is easily one of the funniest shows out on television. The show itself is basically about a man named Stephen Colbert, who explains his thoughts on everything that is happening today, and then interviews a different person for each different episode. The premise doesn't seem that interesting, but the thing that makes it hilarious is how Colbert explains his opinions on everything that happens in the world. Colbert himself is one of the funniest people out there, but he also makes sure that people are able to hear his opinions, while joking around. Even Colbert knows how to be friendly-like to the people he interviews. It does get boring at some parts, but its all worth it when you get to hear the refreshing and hilarious humor. I wouldn't recommend it to little kids though, as it does getinappropriate at times. There is also cussing involved, too, which can also getinappropriate for the little ones.

    Overall, the Colbert Report is one of the funniest shows out there. Colbert himself is downright hilarious, as well as having the ability to describe his opinion well, and he interacts very well with the people he interviews. Watch it whenever you get the chance. You won't regret it.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10 Incredible

  • Colbert, an outrageous conservative caricature, examines the most important (hmmmm) issues of the day. social commentary

    After taking a 3 month break from the Report I have decided that I need to write a review on this show. I didn't know how much this show was a part of my life until I forcibly deprived myself of it. As a graduate student in Political Science, I consider myself a fairly informed person. However, I feel that I gleam more truth from this show than from any other source. Colbert's ability to ridicule the world of politics while pointing to its absurdities makes it some of the most astute social commentary out there. In terms of the pure entertainment factor, I don't know whats funnier; the ridiculous portrayal of a conservative commentator, or the need of such an obvious liberal to dedicate so much of his life to the creation of such a character. Either way... FUNNY AS HELL!!!
  • Brilliant and funny. Incisive. Says what needs to be said.

    It\'s sad that it\'s left to a comedy channel to tell the truth about what\'s going on in this country. Colbert\'s wit and honesty in speaking truth to power are a welcome standout in a world of \"news shows\" about lost dogs and how to lose weight. Some of the routines are pretty silly, but there is always an underlying bite, a puncturing of pomposity and looniness, that is missing from anything else on TV except for the Daily Report. There was a time when Saturday Night Live tackled political issues, but now Colbert and Jon Stewart are all we have left. And thank God for them!
  • This show is mean and harsh to many people.

    The writers of this show have not checked the facts about the Seattle rabbi incident. He did not ask to have the Christmas trees removed; but asked to have a menorah added. This is an perfect example of why this show can be harsh and go over the line. As for over the line the segment about Christmas trees in Isreal was perfectly ridiculous. Whats next, somefunnies about the Holoacost? This is why I will never watch your show again. Colbert is a talentless person who does not check his facts. If I were to ever watch this show again it would be to soon!
  • kinda pointleess not much to say...

    Not mucht o say but the fact some of it is absoulty fab o lyess and some times i dont get whqats going on i am not into amrican policts i am candein he needs to talk about canada more i ahte it caus of taht not jsut that who knows when hes joeking or lieing or telling truth, he culd make a better show or a better commeiden he needs to egt a job on mad TV or a voice on a show i can so see himm palying voice of a new south park dad ina new southpark family, that what south park needs a new main charter star and 2 new parrents.
  • Stephen Colbert was my fav character on The Daily Show. He is not anymore...

    He's just not funny on this show. The show has some good writing and tats why i gave it an 8. But colbert is just dumb. I don't know why but i can just not stand him in this show. Lets just pray we do not see a Corrdry report in the future....

  • Stephen Colbert, the character, has changed over the last five-six years but unlike many of the 'main character' changes which occur in many of the somewhat Run-of-the-mill TV Series', he still remains highly engaging and ever so entertaining.

    I first got a glimpse of the Stephen Colbert character on the Daily Show and was soon watching it mainly for the Colbert and Stewart interaction because their comedic timing, delivery and content of their jokes was not surpassed by any of the others. I also enjoyed the many occasions where one would corpse and cause the other to follow - and for me there was no other Correspondant which could make me laugh out loud as often and as hard as Stephen Colbert did.

    Anyhoo, I was excited when "The Colbert Report" came to be, especially when the tosses at the end of the Daily Show insured there would still be some Stewart and Colbert interaction to enjoy. (Gotta say that I sorely miss the frequency of them today). The character has changed, from a no-nonsence, articulate, ignorant, gut-feeling, innocent who occasionally allowed the child within him to come out to play, into a no-nonsence, articulate, ignorant, gut-feeling, Man-child - the child in Stephen Colbert comes out to play far more often these days and yet it's a joy to see at times (Talking to an astronaut in the Space Station being one of those times) - and yet despite this, what could have been, a disastrous change, The Colbert Report still works for me.

    I'm hoping Stephen Colbert (the person) continues to find enjoyment working on The Colbert Report for many years to come because I just don't know what I'd do without an almost daily dose of "The Colbert Report"
  • A spin off of a 2 minute segment from the Daily Show which is funny for about 2 minutes.

    Ok, just listen once to how quiet the audience is. Yes, there is occasional laughter because some things are funny but most of the time Colbert gives a line, pauses for an audience response and gets silence. He is funny occasionally but seems better suited in his old role as a repored on the Daily Show. I would rather see the Daily Show go to and hour length ad give the various reporters morew online time.

    For what it's worth, I generally watch the opening of the show but find I am usually watching a MASH rerun within 5 minutes.
  • The Daily Show is funny, this spin off is not.

    I think Steven Colbert needs to go back to being a correspondent for The Daily Show because this show of his just isn't cutting it in the comedy department. He is much better as a correspondent not a show host. Yes, I have to admit The Colbert Report is funny but it seems so...forced. The whole thing seems incredibly scripted and predictable. When it's on I will usually watch it because like I said it is funny but I'd rather watch a longer or another episode of The Daily Show because that is pure hilarous. The segment that is the best from the Colbert Report would have to be "The Word" segment but again the comedy is so very scripted it that is just doesn't remain funny for long. The Colbert Report is a quick laugh, whereas The Daily Show is something that can get some nonstop laughs.
  • The Colbert Report is like those SNL movies where they try and stretch a funny sketch long enough to make a whole movie ... and don't quite make it.

    I enjoyed Colbert a lot when I first saw him on the Daily Show, but I think his schtick doesn't quite stretch out enough to cover a full 30 minute show on his own. Don't get me wrong the first dozen times I saw him do his uber-right winger act it was really funny. But eventually I found the joke tiring.

    The Colbert Report is like those SNL movies where they try and stretch a funny sketch long enough to make a whole movie ... and don't quite make it.

    There are some days where it's still very funny, but I find the show misses more often than it hits.

    In many ways, the Colbert Report committed the ultimate sin of comedy ... it became predictable. Comedy is all about surprise, but I can predict ahead of time how Colbert will play the news of the day. The faux-racist, ultra-right-wing bloviating was very clever -- at first -- but now they need to liven up the show.

    I think the show works best when they make Colbert a more sympathetic character. His battles against his nemesis Rain (Raaaiiiinnn!!!) are a good example. It's more off-beat and just odd, and not simply an O'Reilly caricature.

    Not a bad show, but not one that holds up well over time.
  • This guy is hilarious

    Colbert Report is one of the funniest late night shows on right now. Stephen Colbert does a great job pretending to be a right wing nut job. He manages to make his show funny even if there is nothing but old news in the media, or even if he has no good guests, and believe me i haven't seen any good guest on the show for a while, but Stephen Colbert still makes it work. I can't think of anything bad to say about this show, I love the segments such as the word, it's a good show and I hope it stays on for along time
  • Hilarious

    There is just something ab out Stephen Colbert's personality that makes this such a funny, clever show. I think it is better and funnier than the daily show with jon stewart. I think Colbert is a hilarous person, and i certainly think this is a funny show. I have yet to watch an episode where I haven't laughed. There is just something about the way he hosts that makes him funnier to me than Jon Stewart. My overall grade for this show is an easy A+, an all around funny show, easily one of my favorite shows on now. Perfect
  • The funniest guy on television. Stephen Colbert has a certain charisma and boldness that only Bill Maher has, but unlike Maher's show the Colbert Report is less political and much funnier.

    I always find it odd how the Emmy people kiss up to the Daily Show year after year, and always neglect the genius of Stephen Colbert. I like Stewart and his show and it's very entertaining, but the Colbert Report is so much more funnier and not to mention entertaining. I guess it's because Colbert plays the character of a faux-paus Conservative who views himself with high regard and tries to basically condemn those who feels are "Un-American." It's basically Colbert trying to make himself look like a fool while pretending he is a Bill O'Reilly type character. The one thing I admire about Colbert is his boldness, he doesn't hide behind the covers. In interviews he asks questions that you wouldn't ever dare thinking he would, and he just does it in such a way that you are just laughing. I love his "Word Segment" and of course enjoy how he always "Colbert bumps" something. This guy is definitely a genius, anybody who has a portrait of themselves in the Smithsonian near a bathroom has got to be a legend and that's what Stephen Colbert is.
  • The best of the late-night comedy news shows.

    Stephen Colbert was born to be on T.V. I defy anyone to watch an episode of the Colbert Report (silent t's all around) and tell me that Colbert isn't one of the most charismatic and enthusiastic entertainers currently entertaining the masses with their incredible capacity for entertainment. He always manages to deliver even his most ridiculous and hilarious lines and only ever showing cracks in his impenetrable armour of faux seriousness when it benefits both him and the show. The show itself is cleverly written and has the incredible ability to inform on real news events while being a hilarious parody at the same time. It has its issues, it's sometimes inconsistent with its humour (one episode I can hardly breathe i'm laughing so hard, and the next i'm only mildly amused) but it's always good for an excellent way to either kill 20 minutes or enjoy 20 minutes to the fullest.
  • An easy way to learn about the political world

    I love it.....its great to have a way to understand politics through satire and humor....I saw the book, read it, and then decided to watch the TV shows, and then loved I read in this magazine somewhere, people that watch the humorous TV political satire are more in tune to what is going on in the world than the viewers of major network TV. I can see why, this show has managed to deliver outstanding amounts of news, that is also easy to remember. A big congratulations to Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report for helping us all understand the political world.
  • good god...steven colbert has done it again...

    this is stephen colbert's first christmas special let me just say that he better make more holiday specials because this one is my alltime favorite christmas special.stephen colbert has to get to his studio but he can't because a bear is outside his cabin now he has to do everything he can to get to his studio in time for his christmas special.this is one of my favorite colbert episodes so far.stephen colbert FOREVAAHH!!! EDFAN OUT!!!!!! ladkfksakdkfsa kfld;sa djkal;jf jkfkds afdsj fa; jkajk l; jka jkdlj lakdls; la; kdls jfkdjs s ;a fsa lfkd a;ds a kdj sa a;sj ;aj ;f a; j ;a ; ;l;a kdls;
  • The Colbert Report is cutting edge humour for the politically savvy, the young, the intellectuals, and those looking for some entertaining satire on the events of the day.

    The Colbert Report has earned its rabid following by consistently delivering with edgy, entertaining political satire. Colbert's quick wit keeps his guests on their toes and his fans in stitches. There is a reason that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have been so successful with the prized demographic of young viewers... the young feel that they can relate to them. Colbert and Stewart have a shared political ideology with tomorrow's generation (although it does alienate many on the Right... hence some of the low reviews due to hurt feelings) and as a result remain on the cutting edge of late night television. It is an entertaining show for those who consider themselves intellectual or politically savvy, or are just looking for some humorous satire on the political events of the day.
  • News made funnier

    If you hate seeing news in CNN or other news channel then just tune into colbert report. They also do tell the News that happened today but they make them funnier. I started seeing this show long time ago, still it didnt lose its greatness. The show is always funny, they make the funniest things ever. Stephen Colbert is absolutely the best comedian, you probably would laugh just by looking at his face. The show is ony 30min long so, thats kinda bad but hey there is also another show like this. Well i recommend everyone to watch this, its just plain great.
  • best show ever

    Better than getting the news from CNN!!!! What can be better than Stephen Colbert? he's an amazing personality. He gives the news the way we need it, straightforward. Nothing can be better than that. I like that he's the alternate ego to Jon Stewart who i love. He's honest and that is what is important to me. I love how he rund out on stage for the applause after he introduces his guest and how he can get people to say things they would never ever say. I htink everyone should watch this show, like a requirement. Maybe i'll require it for my classes.
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