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Season 3 Episode 110

Richard Branson

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Aug 22, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Richard Branson
Tonight Stephen welcomes the “Rebel Billionaire” Richard Branson.

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  • an ad for Virgin Air. Didn't live up to the hype so more disappointing than if they hadn't said anything.

    First of all, they spent the entire interview talking about Virgin Air. I found this boring & practically a paid commercial. Then Branson is upset because he didn't get to plug his airline MORE? Seriously?

    Maybe I would've have cared so much if they hadn't built it up for the previous few days.

    I'm not sure I have 100 words to say.....

    I don't mind when people come on to talk about their books because at least the books are usualy about an idea or something interesting you might want to read. People who come on to get you to buy their product or see their movie (can you imagine them discussing the bad points or admiting it's not their best?) annoy me. If I've taped the show I usually ffwd through it.moreless
  • Water Fight!!!

    Honestly, I understand that some editing takes place but, seriously, after watching what was aired, how could anyone find this interview uncomfortable. There have been a handful where I cringed b/c the interviewee didn't seem to get Colbert's sarcasm but this wasn't one of them. They were laughing and joking the whole time with Stephen, of course, excited about the newly dubbed Virgin plane. It didn't seem like anyone was "banned" from speaking about anything but more likely that Stephen monopolized air time with his sarcasm. It's funny and what keeps audience members and tv viewers coming back. Besides, both were laughing throughout the entire water splashing. I swear...some people need to laugh a little bit. I'm glad Stephen turned this into a bit on his show, a running gag leading up to the interview.

    Either way, the show was funny as usual but certainly didn't live up to the hype of an "uncomfortable" confrontation.moreless

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    • Stephen: I may not be a licensed pilot, but I am proud to announce that I now have my own airplane which was named after me by Virgin America, which is an airline not named after me. I have totally had sex.

    • Stephen: Your phone is ringing! Your phone is ringing! Free ringtone. This is the Colbert Report!

    • Stephen: If you don't own at least one vehicle with a spiral staircase, go watch Leno.

    • Stephen: Fred Thompson is in some hot water. (shivers) That is a horrible image to get stuck in your head.

    • Stephen: …brings us to tonight's Word: November Surprise. Fred Thompson can't be doing anything wrong because he clearly doing everything right. He hasn't even entered the race yet and in the polls he second only to Rudy Giuliani. (In facial moles) Why? Because by avoiding debates he hasn't beaten us over the head with his policy positions. (Pro Sleep, anti-salad) So far all he's said is: "I'm thinking of running" and that kind of mystery is exciting. (Like watching paint vote) He's just like the present you save until a week after your birthday, there could be anything but you don't want to open it because what you imagine is in there, (Reagan?) might be better than what actually is. (Fred Thompson) If fact if more candidates had adopted this strategy of not being in the race, they might still be in the race. If Tommy Thompson hadn't blown it all on an actual campaign, think of how much money he'd have in his war chest. (More of a war change purse) And Tom Tancredo might still have a chance if he hadn't declared himself a candidate thereby forcing people to actually imagine him as President. Nation, our elections are supposed to be decided by secret ballot, so let's make the ballot truly secret and not have anyone declare they're running until election day. That way when they enter the voting booth, it will be the first time voters see the field of candidates. (For Diebold to choose from) The anticipation will get people so excited, like a new Harry Potter book, (Harry Potter & the Inherited War) there will be rumors on the web, fans waiting in line to vote dressed like their favorite electoral characters. (Already have Vice President Voldemort) We all want to revitalize the political process, now do-gooders say we have to take money out of the Presidential campaign. I like Thompson's solution better, leave the money in, take the campaign out.

      And that's the Word.

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