The Colbert Report

Season 2 Episode 132

Richard Dawkins

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Oct 17, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • On the whole, very entertaining, but the interview was far too short and a little disappointing.

    I watched this episode primarily for the interview, if only because I was looking forward to watching two people (one a character) so entrenched in their own opinion, go head to head. Sadly I was left a little disappointed, especially when both had the opportunity to nail the other but missed it.

    I can understand why Stephen Colbert (the character) missed the opportunity to nail Richard Dawkins, because the character is designed to be so entrenched in his own opinion that anyone elses is pretty much irrelevant to him, however, Dawkins' missed opportunity simply convinced me that he does not have a working receiver on his antenna, or it's at the very least seriously faulty.

    For instance, when Stephen Colbert (the character) stated "God exists outside of time" Dawkins could have nailed him by asking whether Stephen could explain how God exists outside of time, but Dawkins was so busy listening to his own POV he missed the opportunity.

    ...and directly after Dawkins' condescending "It's so easy to think that, (God exists outside of time), because that explains everything", I was expecting Stephen to interrupt with a "Thank you" and for him to fake end the interview, but he didn't and missed the opportunity

    All in all, the interview went nowhere and seemed rather pointless - which I guess just goes to show that when you have a debate between two people so entrenched in their own opinions that listening to the other is not on the agenda, then such a debate will always lead to nowhere - and, as a viewer, becomes disappointing. Oh well...