The Colbert Report

Season 2 Episode 17

Sen. Barbara Boxer

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Feb 06, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Killer bees are this week's biggest threat!

    The show opens with a teaser of content from the show, which involves everything from foreign oil to Barbara Boxer.

    Stephen starts off the show by congratulating Jon Stewart and his wife for having another baby.

    Stephen then moves on to a story about Newsweek including a tiny photo of Stephen on the cover of their magazine. Although the photo is small, Stephen suggests its placement is a location where important news has been announced, and he goes on to show some ridiculous examples.

    Stephen then mentions the Super Bowl and the State of the Union Address. Stephen rolls clips of President Bush's speech, particularly the parts where the President pledged to decrease the need for foreign oil. It now seems the President's words were not meant "literally," according to the Administration. This brings us to tonight's edition of "The Word," which is "Metaphorically." Stephen goes on about how nothing the President says or does is expected to be taken literally, but metaphorically.

    Back from commercial, we interrupt Stephen, who's busy reading his copy of Newsweek. He gets right into this week's edition of "Threat Down." Number five is newspapers, specifically a couple of East Coast papers who printed on recycled paper, which happened to reveal financial records. Coming in at number four is iPods for causing hearing loss. Tunneling is the third top threat, as it seems people escaped from a Yemenese prison through a tunnel, and there was a drug tunnel between the U.S. and Canada. Number two is tolerance, which is responsible for the Danish cartoons, which have enraged Muslims. Finally, killer bees are the number one threat. Stephen says they've invaded Florida and are conspiring with bears to kill humans.

    Back from commercial, Stephen welcomes Senator Barbara Boxer. They chat about the President and her book, with Stephen reading passages from the book, which causes Barbara to stop him, making for a hilarious moment, with Stephen completely breaking character.

    The interview was great from a comedy standpoint. I loved seeing Stephen lose it; the look on his face with Barbara Boxer snatched the piece of paper from his hands was priceless.