The Colbert Report

Season 7 Episode 37

Steve Martin

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Mar 21, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stephen opens the show talking about being angry that everything isn't where he left it when he went on vacation. So it's time for a new segment: Crisis in the Middle Everywhere. Starting in Japan with the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown and finally a volcano erupted with lightning lava. France is sending robots to help clean up the nuclear plant. On to the bombing in Libya, but we are not at war with Libya, it's just a humanitarian effort to protect civilians….with bombs.

Moving on, Stephen talks about the last time Steve Martin was on the show he had is portrait changed by popular artists and it was auctioned off and the money went to Donors Choose to be sent to school art departments. Stephen then interviews the auctioneer.

Back from commercial, Stephen interviews Steve Martin.

Back from commercial, Steve Martin performs.

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