The Colbys

ABC (ended 1987)


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THE COLBYS premiered in the fall of 1985, as a spin-off of the popular and highly-rated primetime soap opera, "Dynasty." Originally, titled "Dynasty II: The Colbys," the spin-off introduced viewers to a new dynasty: the wealthy and powerful Colby clan of California. In the series' premiere, Jeff Colby (son-in-law of the Carrington family from "Dynasty") relocated to California to reconnect with his own kin and claim his shares in the family fortune. Jeff also hoped to reconnect with his ex-wife Fallon, who was believed to have perished the previous year, but who was not only very much alive but suffering from amnesia and newly married to Jeff's cousin Miles! Heading up the Colby clan was Jeff's uncle, Jason Colby, a powerful businessman (à la "Dynasty"'s Blake Carrington) who ran Colby Enterprises, the family company. Jason was married to the devious Sable, but was in love with her more sympathetic sister Francesca, who was also Jeff's mother. It was soon revealed that Jeff was actually the love child of Jason and Francesca. Jason's older sister, Constance, served as the matriarchal figure of the family. Rounding out the family were Jason and Sable's three children- twins, Miles and Monica, and daughter Bliss. Other characters included Garrett Boydston (the family lawyer), Hutch Corrigan (Constance's love interest) and Zachary Powers (Jason's ruthless business rival). When the show first premiered, many critics dismissed it as a clone of the original series, "Dynasty." And in many ways, it was. Jason, the powerful business magnate, was strikingly similar to Dynasty's Blake Carrington. Likewise, Sable appeared to be patterned after Dynasty's villainess Alexis (and to reinforce that idea, it was revealed that Alexis and Sable were cousins), while Francesca seemed akin to Dynasty's Krystle. Additionally, old Dynasty plotlines seemed to be recycled in the new series. For example, on Dynasty, Jeff married Kirby, who had been raped by Adam and became pregnant, while on The Colbys, Jeff married Fallon, who had similarly been raped by Miles and became pregnant. The similarities between the two shows and the frequent cross-overs from Dynasty cast members did little to help The Colbys establish its own identity during its initial season, which, unfortunately, did not share the same ratings success as its predecessor. To make matters worse, at the end of the first season, two of the series' regulars, Barbara Stanwyck (Constance) and Ken Howard (Garrett), quit the show. During the show's second season, efforts were made to improve the show, such as adding a handful of new characters and curtailing the crossovers with the original series. In January 1987, Michael Parks joined the cast as Phillip Colby, Jason's trouble-making younger brother, who had long been presumed dead. Then, in March 1987, the show made its boldest move ever, when, in the season-ending cliffhanger, the show's heroine, Fallon, was abducted by a U.F.O!! And while that particularly episode, scored the highest ratings for the series, it was not enough to save the show, which was soon cancelled (although some of the characters would transition back to the parent series, "Dynasty").moreless