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Who Did You Like/Hate The Most-Alexia Or Stable

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    [1]Oct 14, 2006
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    Alexis at times had no redeeming qualities. The thing that stand out the most is when she caused Krytle Carrington her child. But she did have deep love for a few people including her children and Dexc Dexter.

    Stable's min down-fall was to direct all her anger at Jeff Colby. What Constance left Jeff was non of her business but she schemed and plotted until it cost her her marriage and damaged relationships with her children.

    On the other hand Stable was very vunerable and loved deeply to the point of sacrifing herself for others.

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    I liked them both, but was more sympathetic to Sable. After many years, Alexis' line about being exiled and away from her children didn't seem too convincing, especially considering her children were now all grown up and Blake only kept her away from half her children (Steven and Fallon) when she had two other ones that were taken away (Adam) or given away (Amanda).

    Sable, on the other hand, seemed to completely love Jason and was faithful to him. Even though Sable was supposed to be the "Alexis" type character, and thus the evil one, I was actually mad at Jason and Frankie for what they did to Sable. Can you imagine your husband of 20-some years leaves you for your younger sister and, on top of that, knowing that he had an affair with her years ago and fathered a child? No wonder I rooted for Sable and had no sympathy for Jason or Frankie.

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    Alexis was one of the greatest soap caracters ever, but I LOVED SABLE. She was strong and vulnerable at once. And a very clever and elegant lady!.

    Sable(actress Stephanie Beacham) had very typical moves and face expressions, witch made her outstanding in the already unique cast.

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    [5]Mar 16, 2008
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    Alexis Carrington Colby ... ... was the greatest soap character of the 80's, but it was Sable I came to love.

    Joan Collins looked like an elegant trickster, but Stephanie Beacham WAS (still is) that fairy tale like queen. She played Sable with an exiting combination of sensuality, power and a real vulnerability. Her own typical expressions and mannerisms, made her performance very unique.

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